GeForce GTX 980 Ti, information on the frequencies and scores at 3DMark.

The new Nvidia graphics card GTX 980 Ti is about to be released and some details have leaked in the past few days. According to a screenshot by GPU-Z and published on, it’s confirmed that they use a GPU GM200 with 2816 active CUDA cores and 6 GB of memory GDDR5.The bus remains 384 bit.

The card features a 1000 MHz frequency as a base and 1076 MHz GPU Boost modality like its sister model, the GTX Titan X, but the benefits of this new card is that partners will be able to personalize it: besides different heatsinks, we’ll see cards with much higher frequencies than what we normally do.

Memory will have the same frequency of the GTX Titan X, at a 7 GHz. At the moment, the only data we’re missing is the number of ROPs, but it should be around 96 like in the flagship model. HardwareBattle published the results of two tests at 3DMark; 14,071 points in Fire Strike and 29,444 points in Cloud Gate.

The price could be around 700 and 900 dollars. However these are only rumors. Nvidia doesn’t seem to be prone to releasing an aggressive price, at least at the beginning. Concerning the release date, it’s only a matter of days, but at the moment there is no NDA thanks to the publications and reviews.

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