GeForce GTX 700M. Nvidia high-performance graphics for Gaming laptops have arrived.

The new Nvidia GPU for laptops offers improvement between 30 and 55% regarding the GTX 600M and it includes support for GPU Boost 2.0.

First arrived the models of low and medium range under the denomination of the GeForce GT 700M, with models going from the GT 720M up to the GT 750M. Now is the turn of the most wanted high range, with graphics of the series GTX based in Kepler, concretely GTX 760M, GTX 770M and GTX 780M, some graphics for high performance or gaming laptops.

The new GTX 700M improves the endurance over the last range GTX 600M, it goes from a 30% in the case of the 760M and 780M up to one 55% more endurance of the GTX 770M regarding GTX670M in high graphic demand such as eFar Cry 3 or Battlefield 3.

GeForce GTX 700M series

Talking about technical specifications, from 768 CUDA Cores of the GTX 760M up to 1536 of the GTX 780M, with speeds that go from 657 MHz up to 823MHz for the most powerful model, which will have to be added the speed of Boost 2.0. The memory, of the GDDR5 could reach speeds up to 2500 MHz with databases from 128 bits up to 256 bits.

In the next table we can see clearly the complete specifications, leaving the GTX 780M like the most powerful model of this generation of graphic cards for laptops, based on the GK 104 chip the same as the GTX 680 MX, although with higher core speed. The rest of the models are based on the GK106 chip.

This new series of graphics will be complimented with the new Intel 4th generation processor “Haswell” generation, finding endurance capable of managing the most leading titles in high quality and with a resolution of 1080p. This combined with the Optimus technology allows to change integrated cards in the CPu designed to increase the laptop’s autonomy.

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