Gaming Laptops under 1000

A lot of the better valued laptops can be purchased for less than a grand. The mid price range is somewhere between the cheaper models that fall between three and five hundred dollars and the higher price versions that are around eighteen hundred and twenty two hundred. With these laptops they possess enough power to accommodate your multimedia and game playing needs. However, they do it without your having to dish out a ton of money. Even though these laptops are advertised for the middle class, they are also good for anyone who is willing to make a few sacrifices and splurge on a higher priced laptop. With this, you can expect to have a laptop that will let you play games and use the multimedia features for a long period of time.

You are able to find laptops that have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and 1600 x 900 within this particular price range. You will also see the 1 TB SATA drives and other things such as the quad core processor other processors that utilize the midrange series from Nvidia GeForce and AMD Radeon with video RAM. Within this price range you can find 8 GB RAM, 64-bit Window 7 or Windows 8. You will also discover that a lot of them utilize two different channel architectures in order for all of the hardware to be used at its maximum capacity.

My Recommend: Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P Gaming Laptop


It should not be a surprise that I recommend this Lenovo. With its new entry, the IdeaPad Y510p, Lenovo competes with other gaming laptops in this very competitive industry. It has a UltraBay technology that allows this fifteen inch laptop to come with an optical drive, two GPUs and a choice of an auxiliary fan or an additional hard disk. This is something that makes this particular laptop very different from its competitors.

Should the Lenovo name even be associated with gaming laptops? Has it ever made another laptop before? Well, it mostly has a reputation of creating laptops for the office. However, Lenovo also wants to get into the very competitive industry of gaming laptops. The Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p is not just a mere duplicate of other laptops from other companies such as Samsung, Asus, or MSI. This particular laptop is actually a different one that is going down a different road.

For instance, the UltraBay that was talked about previously is a very unique part. Basically, it can be described as a distinctive drive compartment that can house an additional graphics card, a better quality cooling fan, a DVD/CD burner module and a hard disk module.

When it comes to the GPU, this laptop has an Nvidia accelerator. Other fifteen inch laptops might be put in the mid range because they have a GeForce GT755M. However, the Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P can be placed in the high range of laptops because it has a SLI configuration.

It also has other features that make it very competitive. For instance, this particular fifteen inch laptop is dubbed MBG3DGE and also has important things such as sports 8 GB of DDR3 RAM (1600 MHz) and a 1000 GB, 5400 rpm HDD. It also has an Intel core that handles its various CPU functions. It has 4 cores that can clock with 2.4 to 3.4 GHz in load. It has a high resolution screen (1920 x 1080) with good pixels. This laptop is a great gaming laptop and good for multimedia creation.

The Way that the Processor Performs:

This laptop has a core processor that is of very high quality. The 47 Watt CPU handles most applications as a result of its four cores and cache.

If you like to play games, you will love that it has Turbo Boost technology that will lift the clock more than the regular rate while it is loading. The traditional clock rate of 3.4 GHz is available with this particular processor. Hyperthreading, which puts a fire under the cores is better for a pro user. There are only a couple of programs that will find the eight parallel threads beneficial.

The Performance of the GPU

The GeForce GT 755M is built according to the Kepler GK107 chip, which runs on a 28 nm process. The DirectX 11 GPU is located in the top midrange level and has 1.3 billion transistors and 384 Unified Shaders.

Lenovo has a 2048 model that is much quicker that has a 128 bit memory bus. It has a clock rate of 967 MHz, which is rated higher than normal.

The two graphics cards are put together to perform better within the SLI mode. It is possible to do a manual GPU driver update for the most recent model. This is so that you will get the best performance from this 15-inch laptop.

A lot of people might want to know if the double GeForce GT 755m GPUs can keep up with the other high end laptops. Yes, it can. It has a boosted speed if the SLI mode comes with a 3D program.

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Top five Gaming Laptops under $1000 Comparison:

Rank #1 #2 (New) #3 #4 #5
Models Lenovo
Ideapad Y510p
Lenovo Ideapad Y50 ASUS N550JK-DS71T
MSI GE70 Lenovo Y410P
Picture Lenovo Y510p Lenovo Y50 ASUS N56JR-EH71 Lenovo Y410P
Screen Size 15.6-Inch 15.6-Inch 15.6-Inch
Touch Screen
17.3-Inch 14-Inch
Display Resolution 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080


Dimensions (LxWxH) 15.20 x 10.20 x 1.40 15.23" x 10.37" x 0.9" 15.07 x 10.04 x 1.09 16.46" x 10.61" x 1.54" 15.6 x 10.6 x 1.1
Weight 6.4 lbs 5.29 lbs 5.7 lbs 7.05 lbs 4.85 lbs
Processor Intel i7-4700MQ 2.4 GHz Intel i5-4200H
Intel i7-4700HQ 2.4 GHz Intel i5-4200H
Intel i7-4700MQ 2.4 GHz
Hard Drive 1TB 5400 RPM + 8GB SSD 1 TB 5400RPM + 8GB SSD 1TB 5400 RPM 1TB 5400 RPM 1TB 5400 RPM+24GB SSD
Graphic Card NVIDIA Dual SLI GT755M 2GB DDR5 GeForce GTX 860M
GeForce GT 850M 2GB DDR3 GeForce GTX860 2GB DDR5 GeForce GT 755 2GB DDR5
Keyboard Backlit Keyboard Backlit Keyboard Backlit Keyboard Backlit Keyboard Backlit Keyboard
Input/Output 2 x USB2.0
1 x USB3.0
Bluetooth 4.0
2 x USB2.0 
1 x USB3.0
Bluetooth 4.0
3 x USB3.0
Bluetooth 4.0
2 x USB2.0
2 x USB3.0
Bluetooth 4.0
2 x USB2.0
1 x USB3.0
Bluetooth 4.0
Camera 720p HD 720P HD HD Webcam 720p HD 2.0MP HD
Battery Life 6-cell Lithium-Ion Battery 6-cell Lithium-Ion Battery 6-cell Lithium-Ion Battery 6-cell Lithium-Ion Battery

6-cell Lithium-Ion Battery

OS Windows 8.1 Windows 8 Windows 8 Windows 8 Windows 8
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* Note: Some Laptops’ price may little more than $1000

My suggestion:

These five laptops are all excellent for web surfing, gaming, and other personal uses. Each of them has its own unique qualities, so you can choose one according to your needs.

In terms of graphics performance, The lenovi Y50 and MSI GE70 has the best graphics card, which is equipped with the latest Nvidia graphics cards based on Maxwell architecture – GTX860.

The GTX860’s performance is similar to the previous generation Kepler-based GeForce GTX 770M, but it significantly reduces the power consumption and heat dissipation, which would be very useful if you were to use your laptop for gaming. With it, one can play the most popular video games of 2014 at very high detailed settings. Even the most detailed games, such as Crysis 3 or Battlefield 4, look amazing with the GE70’s 1366 x 768 resolutions.

As previously stated, the Lenovo Y510 is my highest recommendation. It features a 2.4 GHz Intel i7-4700MQ processor and NVIDIA Dual SLI GT755M GPU. These processers are top-rated and perform outstandingly for everyday use. The NVIDIA Dual SLI GT755M performs similarly to a single GTX 680M or GeForce GTX 770M, and most new video games can be played effortlessly with its 1080P resolution and high setting (See detail information about 755M SLI on Compared to the MSI GE70, the Lenovo features a more powerful processor, the i7-4700MQ. The performance of the Dual SLI GT755M graphic card is almost the same with GTX860, just slightly inferior in terms of power consumption and heat dissipation, but the price is a difference of approximately 100 dollars, making the Lenovo a better value for the cost.

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  1. David Beckkham says:

    Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P is a great laptop that has many features, and in comparison with other laptops, is way cheaper. If you are looking to buy the best gaming laptop under $1000.00, then you should seriously think about this model which will satisfy all your needs, especially if you are a gamer and you like spending many hours in front of the screen. However, if you are not a gamer, then you should consider buying another kind of laptop, or maybe this Lenovo that is considered to be this year’s best gaming laptop under $1000.00. Even the design of this laptop is appealing, and it makes you want to buy it.

  2. Jon says:

    Would this be a good laptop for editing?

  3. eric says:

    im deciding on the alienware 14 and the lenovo idea pad y510p i will be spending many hours in front of the screen but the alienware is 1099$ i don’t know with 1 to get any suggestion

  4. Josh says:

    Hey, I am down to either buying this or an MSI Leopard-010. Here is the link to it
    Any suggestions on which to buy would be awesome. Also, Eric. for me, the alienware screen is really small. I know someone that had it, and I would not want it, personally, for everyday tasks. Both laptops are $899 (lenovo has a sale on it this week). I can’t seem to find many reviews on the MSI, but reviews on the lenovo seem to be alright. A lot of people had some trouble with the build of it and it crashing frequently.

  5. Jackson says:

    Its all good and well but 720p?

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