EVGA TORQ X10: a carbon-fiber mouse

Nowadays there are so many devices to choose from when it comes to mice, that if a manufacturer wants to stand out, they have to make something truly different from the rest. That’s what EVGA did with the TORQ X10 Carbon mouse, a carbon-fiber mouse. We could take a look at it during the CES 2014.

TORQ X10 Carbon is the first mouse by EVGA, and it seems they want to enter this market with everything they’ve got, at least in regards to design, since it’s so different from everything else we’ve seen. Carbon fiber is very common in planes thanks to how resistant and light it is. It’s much more expensive than other materials, and since EVGA has said nothing about the price, we can only expect the worse.

Not every part of it is made of carbon fiber, logically. It includes a system of weights you can use to regulate its weight and height, nine programmable buttons, 512KB of internal memory to save profiles and macros and a 8200 DPI Avado laser sensor.

This new mouse from EVGA also features customizable lighting with different colors and intensities, the option to change the sensitivity on the go and everything you’d expect from a high-end mouse (except a 4G wheel, if the pictures tell the truth). It looks amazing, but we still have to know its price.

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