EVGA presents the PRO SLI BRIDGe V2 so you can give a special touch to your PC

There is a market in the PC world that includes all those accessories and components whose function is more focused on the final design of the device rather than its functionality. For many years now there is an important “modders” movement, that look for an original touch or something striking on their devices. In the beginning, people were on their own and had to create the pieces and modifications the traditional way, although, nowadays a lot of companies release special edition of the components and even accessories specially created to give a special look to your computer.


That is the case of the new EVGA creation, the EVGA PRO SLI BRIDGE V2. A SLI connector made of aluminum with a LED illuminated logo and a striking design. Four versions are to come. One for two cards located in adjacent PCIe slots, another one with a wider gap between slots, a bridge for 3 SLI graphics and another one for 4 graphics.

While they are compatible with any SLI compatible graphics card, the lightning system only work with certain EVGA graphics. To be specific, with all the GTX TITAN, GTX 980, GTX 960, GTX 780 Ti and some other models of the company based on the GTX 970 and GTX 770.

Their price is a mystery since they are still not available on the market. Although, the company assures that this cables offer a better transfer speed than normal cables and that they are ideal for 4k resolution gaming or with 120 Hz refresh rates.

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