EK releases a water block for MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G

EK Water Blocks, the manufacturer in Ljubljana (Slovenia), has announced the addition of a new complete water block for graphic cards, the EK-FC970 GTX TF5. EK-FC970 GTX TF5 is a complete water block created to cool the the MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming 4G graphic card by water.

The specialists in DIY cooling systems, as EK Water Blocks, have different water blocks to adjust the several graphic cards designs that assemblers release into the market. This is the case of EK-FC970 GTX TF5 which has been developed in collaboration with MSI.

This new complete water block is made to cool the graphic core, the memory chips and the voltage regulator (VRM), allowing to maintain a low operating temperature and performing higher overclocks. It features two openings for connecting it to the cooling systems set, its possible set the water flow inverted without affecting the block’s cooling capacity. It can also be combined with underpowered water bombs without losing performance.

As usual, it will be available in two versions, both with nickel plated electrolytic copper, one with the top made of polyoxymethylene and the other one made of transparent acrylic. EK will also offer an aluminum blackplate to cool PCB’s rear, one in silver (nickel plated) and other in black (anodized).

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