Detecting this malware will destroy your PC. It’s called Rombertik

It is called Rombertik and it is the type of malware that will destroy your computer by formatting your hard drive whenever you detect it and try to get rid of it. Just by detecting this malware, the worst consequences will fall on your poor PC.

Although it is just a regular virus, without any big capabilities, the real threat of this virus shows up once it has been intercepted, because it’s payback for exposing it will be terrible.

It mostly affects Windows computers and the main function of this malware consists on storing any text typed on any of the browser tabs. Its way of spreading is through spam and phishing, according to Cisco Security’s blog. The behavior of this virus is similar to many others that store passwords. But Rombertik “is the only one that tries to destroy your PC if it even detects that it is being analyzed by an antivirus.” (Read More: Best Antivirus)

And it’s that Rombertik not only misbehaves when you try to get rid of it. Activating your antivirus is enough to make it start deleting everything you’re your hard drive until there’s nothing left behind.

Rombertik will do several trackings once It is up and running on a Windows PC just to make sure if it has been detected or not. It will do checkups every certain time to see if you have detected this malware or not, as long as it is install on your PC.

Every checkup Rombertik does gets more dangerous. If it senses that the antivirus is making any kind of changes or that an antimalware software is running, Rombertik will cause a self-destruction.

In the first place, this malware targets the MBR (Master Boot Record), the first sector of the Hard Disk the computers goes to when loading the Operating System. If Rombertik doesn’t have access to the MBR, it will effectively destroy all the files on the user’s home folder by encrypting each one of the files with a key.

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