Cougar launches new aluminum mechanical keyboard 700K

The structure of the new Cougar 700k is made of aluminum, material which Cherry MX mechanical switches are integrated. These switches can be chosen from 4 variants, the Black, Brown, Blue or Red depending of the tact we seek and majority uses that we’re going to give it.

Cougar 700K

Inside it hides an ARM Cortex-M0 processor of 32 bits, along with 512 KB of internal memory. These components allow you to have macros functions and customization of commands (6 programmable keys), as well as having a quick system for the repetition of the same, with options to repeat each command 1-8 times depending of what we prefer. We can save each configuration in 3 internal profiles.

Supports unlimited simultaneous keystrokes, a response time of 1 ms with 1.000 Hz polling rate and has a part to lay hands with a magnetic base that can be fixed where we prefer, besides the keys have an orange backlighting.

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