Corsair adds the new Force Series SSDs LX to its catalog

Corsair has just announced the addition of a new type of SSDs to its catalog.

This is the new Corsair Force Series LX, now available with storage capacities of 256 and 128 GB, an attempt to find an entry spot in the market thanks to a very competitive price without neglecting performance: In theory its read speed is 560 MB/s, while its write speed is 300 MB/s .

The speed of the SSDs is undoubtedly the great advantage that has led to many users to include one of these devices to their computers in recent years. However, until recently, their overly-high prices meant that these devices were only available to a few, but given the fact that the market trend has slowly brought down their prices, it is now much cheaper to get a noticeable increase in speed of the entire PC with one of these little gadgets.

Corsair SSD

More precisely, Corsair has come up with a recommended price for the Force Series LX of 129.99 dollars (about 100 euros) for the 256 GB model, and 74.99 dollars (about 60 euros) for the 128 GB model.

Without a doubt, the competition in the entry market level for SSDs is fierce, however, with this strategy, Corsair is strongly positioning itself in the market, since the LX Series have one of the best and fastest speed/capacity/price in the market.

The Corsair Force Series LX have, as mentioned earlier, read/write speeds of  560/300 MB/s respectively, and make use of a Silicon Motion controller to achieve these speeds. In addition, they have an aluminum body that gives them strength and better heat dissipation, and because they have a thickness of only 7 mm, they are suitable for use in laptops and ultrabooks.

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