Coolermaster CM 690 III

The new generation of one of the best cases in the history of the PC has a revision that keeps the essence but adapts to the present and future.

The new Coolermaster CM 690 III maintains the essence of a truly efficient thermally speaking box and design with a layout that once turned it into one of the most desired boxes by enthusiasts and even in the installation of servers and workstations.

The new model can be mounted with up to three 200mm fans, with one of them included, and allows the assembly of liquid cooling kits in an up to 240 mm radiator, no problem.


Storage is also focused more in units of 2.5 ” SSD disk or with mechanical space for three 3.5 disks ” leaving more space for large size graphics cards. It also includes a position behind the plate basis for SSDS that many users appreciate because it allows the management of even more careful wiring.

It keeps top compartment, disk connector, and frontal connectivity with up to four USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports (two and two). There‚Äôs a mythical box which now has a more careful, more modern design, with a choice of a truly elegant acrylic window. We can’t wait to try it.

Its price: around $82.99 when it goes on sale in the coming weeks.


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