Cooler Master introduces the successor of their V8 version, the GTS.

The V8 is one of the most efficient, spectacular heat sinks ever released by Coolermaster is the V8, thanks to its unique engine hood-like design.

It now has become a luxurious sports car with a more refined design. The concept is the same, but now Coolermaster has given it a more modern design by featuring red-colored LEDs, much like the CMStorm series from the same brand.

Now, it also features an horizontal vapor chamber, a new feature Coolermaster introduced last year with their heat sinks, as well as a smaller size, making it one of the smallest triple-column heat sinks in the market. This without a doubt makes the V8 GTS a heat sink perfect for those who like something that offers not only great performance, but is also very good looking.

Nothing has been said about its price and availability in Spain, but we will surely find out more about this soon. 

Cooler Master GTS

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