Computex 2013. ASUS. GTX 770 ROG Poseidon, graphics cards with hybrid air-liquid cooling systems.

The company is working on a system capable of using both liquid and air cooling without changing any component. 

The concept is simple, a graphics card with a cooling system capable of cooling the chip and the internal components using both a conventional fan and a liquid cooling system. We’ve seen some hybrid systems in the past, especially in the company’s ROG boards, which could cool the chipset of the VRM with a fan or a previously mounted RL circuit. However, this is the first time a hybrid system is seen on a graphics card.

The ASUS ROG Poseidon, which we could see at Taipei’s Computex 2013, is based on the GeForce GTX 700 chip, one of Nvidia’s high-end new generation GPUs, though this doesn’t mean this GPU will the one featured with this system.

GTX 770

The system has a complete block covering the whole card at the front; a heat sink and a fan cool the whole block.  That block can also release heat by liquid cooling like a normal liquid system.  Contact between chips is made possible thanks to the DirectCU technology. Naturally, using liquid cooling, the temperature will be lower, there will be no fan noise, and we can overclock better.

GTX 770

According to ASUS, the hybrid system will be used with the GTX 770, but the definite model is yet to be announced. It may even be an AMD Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce chip; it is possible we’ll see several different high-end GPU models using this alternative cooling system.

GTX 770

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