CM Storm Resonar: Earphones with Bass FX Technology

Cooler Master presents today its new earphones (in-ear) CM Storm Resonar, the brand’s first to incorporate its patented Bass FX technology, through which it manages to adjust the magnet’s position inside each earphone, so we can obtain a better bass response every time. The CM Storm Resonar are designed both for gamers and for music lovers.

The CM Storm Resonar include exclusive speakers of 8mm diameter with the already mentioned Bass FX technology enabling them to satisfy the necessities of the users in every game and in all music genres.

The housing is built in high quality aluminum and it is designed to offer users the best quality and durability thanks to a long lifespan. They are designed to last. On the other hand they come with a red flat wire with which uncomfortable knots, which are typical of this type of earphones, are more easily prevented.

CM Storm Resonar

They also come with passive noise cancellation, achieved thanks to 3 sets of rubber pads that can adapt to any ear form. Talking about accessories like these sets of pads, the Resonar also include a gold plated divisor for audio/micro, so it assures its compatibility with all audio devices that exist, including mobile devices. They have an integrated microphone for voice communication, on-wire volume control and a neoprene case for easy transport.

The CM Storm Resonar will be available on August at a recommended price of 39.99 dollars.

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