The new SSD Crucial M600 is able to change the mode of its chips between MLC and SLC

Crucial has introduced its new generation of SSD for the domestic market. The SSD Crucial M600 is one of the greatest innovations with its memory chips manufactured at 16 nanometers with a capacity of 16 GB (128 GB) type MLC, but are capable of changing dynamically to SLC mode when the cells are empty. In such a manner that the capacity of each cell is reduced by half and allows much faster script writing with less consumption. Once the cells are filled it changes back to MLC mode to increase its capacity.

Crucial M600

While the SLC cells are filling, the SSD transfers existing data to cells in MLC mode. This is why we will maintain SLC cells (much faster). Naturally, the more space we occupy in SSD, the more the available SLC cells will decrease and we will lose this improvement. However, in order for this to happen we would have to fill almost all the disk. Top speed is achieved when the SSD is below 50% capacity.

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GTX TITAN Z delayed by a design change

In theory today was the day chosen by NVIDIA to launch the GTX TITAN Z, the new dual GPU solution based on the NVIDIA GK110 chip, but yet the card has not reached the market.


According to what Videocardz tells us, this delay has been the result of last minute changes in the dissipation system of the card, leaving us, as a result, a design change in the card, which would occupy 3 slots instead of 2.5, as we can see in the picture.

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Acer launches their new 24-inch Gaming Monitor, the GN246HL

Acer has recently added the new GN246HL to their monitors, a 24-inch model with full HD resolution, specifically designed for Gamers thanks to its LED-TN panel that has a latency of only 1 ms and a refresh rate of 144 Hz. As if that were not enough, it is the first 24-inch monitor that supports NVIDIA’s 3D LightBoost technology.

The new Acer GN246HL is, as you may have guessed, a 3D monitor. It comes with two glasses to be used in conjunction with games compatible with the NVIDIA 3D VISION technology. With a response time of 1 ms and a 144 Hz refresh rate, it perfect for 3D gaming.

Acer GN246HL

Among its outstanding features, in addition to what we mentioned earlier, the GN246HL features VGA, DVI and HDMI connectivity, has a viewing angle of 170/160 degrees (horizontal/vertical), 16.7 million colors and a dynamic contrast ratio of 100.000.000:1. Its normal consumption is 23 watts.

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Introducing the HP Pavilion x360, a convertible multimode PC

HP has announced the release of the new HP Pavilion x360, a convertible touchscreen PC that transforms the user experience with a 360 degree hinge that allows you to efficiently multitask. It can be placed in portable mode, in a triangle-like tent position, or simply be used as a tablet.

HP Pavilion x360

Whether you are working, relaxing on the couch or taking notes and sharing presentations in class, the HP Pavilion x360 is the perfect partner because it can be placed in three very different ways: laptop mode, tent mode or tablet.

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MSI A88XI AC, new Mini-ITX motherboard for the Kaveri APUs by AMD

AMD APUs offer in a processor and a graphics card in a single chip, perfect for mini-ITX motherboards.

The new motherboard MSI A88XI AC has everything you need to host a Kaveri APU, capable of handling 4K resolutions or three monitors. It supports two DDR3 RAM modules with a maximum of 32 GB at 2400 MHz, four 6 Gbps SATA ports with RAID and HDMI 1.4a support, DVI and VGA, USB 3.0 and Ethernet 1 Gbps connectivity. As the tagline "AC" indicates, it has support for high-speed Wi-Fi AC with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. The sound card has 8 channels with a dedicated DAC chip.


For those seeking added graphics power, the MSI A88XI AC includes a PCI-Express 3.0 x16 port, support for internal Crossfire between APU and Radeon graphics and support for AMD R7 series. It also includes a mini-PCIe port to add some additional expansion capabilities.

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Toshiba has its 5-Tb hard drive ready

Supposedly, several manufacturers, such as Seagate, are expected to launch their own 5-Tb hard drives, and although they had not yet made ​​any announcements about it so far, one of the first to bring these models to the market will be Toshiba with their MG04SCA Series, which will arrive within a few weeks but, for now, only for the business market.

5-Tb hard drive

We say the business environment since its interface is not SATA but SAS, understandable for a MTTF of 1.2 million hours and 128 MB of cache. However, is a nice start, and Toshiba (and other manufacturers) will surely have no problem releasing these disks with SATA interface. Traditionally, users often get these new devices a few months later after the business market gets them. Certainly with the 5-Tb disks, Toshiba will sell 2, 3 and 4-Tb models, some of them with SATA interfaces.

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XFX tries their luck at the gaming market with their new cases, the Type1 Bravo

The company, known for being a major graphics cards assembler, has introduced its first computer tower.

The XFX Type 1 Bravo is the first foray of the company in the market for computer cases. It is a mid-tower model compatible with ATX motherboards, especially designed to accommodate the longest graphics cards on the market, including dual graphics like the 7990 or the GTX 690.

XFX Type Bravo

It measures 518 x 232 x 562 mm, quite big for a mid-tower. Inside there is room for three 5.25-inch bays and eight 3.5-inch ones, convertible to 2.5 inches for smaller or SSD hard drives.

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EVGA TORQ X10: a carbon-fiber mouse

Nowadays there are so many devices to choose from when it comes to mice, that if a manufacturer wants to stand out, they have to make something truly different from the rest. That’s what EVGA did with the TORQ X10 Carbon mouse, a carbon-fiber mouse. We could take a look at it during the CES 2014.

TORQ X10 Carbon is the first mouse by EVGA, and it seems they want to enter this market with everything they’ve got, at least in regards to design, since it’s so different from everything else we’ve seen. Carbon fiber is very common in planes thanks to how resistant and light it is. It’s much more expensive than other materials, and since EVGA has said nothing about the price, we can only expect the worse.

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MSI releases details about their newest small sized gaming components

We’re before a Mini-ITX motherboard with Z87 chipset and a GTX760 graphics card that comes with overclocking.

Earlier this week, we talked about the two new components that MSI had shown, it was a motherboard and a graphics card, both designed for gamers.

Now the company has unveiled more details and has confirmed our theories: it is a graphics card based on the GeForce GTX 760 from Nvidia, but with a PCB and cooling system completely redesigned to make it smaller, ideal for mini-ITX cases. Its name is MSI GTX 760 GAMING OC.

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How to add USB ports to your computer with the expansion card SilverStone EC04 -E

SilverStone created an expansion card, the EC04 -E, which is connected to the motherboard via a PCI Express 2.0 port and offers two external and one internal USB 3.0 ports to offer the best compatibility and flexibility. Thus you can have USB 3.0 ports even if the motherboard doesn’t have them.

This card can be a good option if you want to have more USB 3.0 ports in a simple and inexpensive way. This also is ideal for users with a computer with USB 3.0 ports on the front but not on the inside. Thanks to this device, Silverstone offers the possibility of using these ports, in addition to adding two more on the rear.

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