Review: Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

The Lenovo Yoga was definitely one of the highlights of the previous generation of ultrabooks. Lenovo set the bar high with this laptop and now its successor is finally here.


The Lenovo Yoga series is already a leader in the field of convertible ultrabooks, with its design capable of adopting various positions, its reduced weight and small size, making it a breath of fresh air in regards to this kind of devices.

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

Technical Performance

The first improvement of this new version of the Yoga is its Intel Haswell processor. These processors add more power and battery saving capabilities, allowing a higher performance and the possibility of reducing the computer’s thickness and weight.

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Guide: Building a gaming PC to play at 1080p for under 800 dollars 2014

Today, assembling a PC for playing at 1080p is hardly prohibitive, since the price of components and peripherals has dropped considerably over the last year.

However, choosing components properly is not an easy task, especially considering the large number of components that are currently flooding the market.

Also, the market changes quickly, which is why a guide that was completely valid and correct now might be completely useless and obsolete in a few months.

Renew or die, an expression that certainly applies to the computer world and leads us to renew our guides.

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AMD Radeon R7 265 Review


One of the best graphics cards I have used is the Radeon 7850. Good performance, fast and affordable. It also had great Crossfire capabilities. If your goal was to play at 1080p, there was no better device. But time passes and giving a second life to this chip will not be easy task unless, as in this case, prices are reduced and therefore this chip becomes cheaper and more accessible to users looking for a simple low-end graphics card.

AMD Radeon R7 265

Technical performance.

The Radeon R7 265 is an optimized variant of the Radeon 7850. With the GCN architecture as basis, it offers 2GB of GDDR5 RAM, high speed memory and 1024 shader engines in 16 processing units, with 64 texturing units and 32 ROP units. Its memory bus is 256-Bit generating over 150GB/s of bandwidth.

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Review: Antec Hundred Nineteen

When space is everything, Antec always have the best option. Now with the new Nineteen Hundred, this is truer than ever.

Antec Hundred Nineteen


Most of us are happy with cases capable of handling ATX motherboards and some hard drives with one or, at most, two graphics cards. But there are more demanding users, of course. For them, Antec has created the Nineteen Hundred, a case with a modern design but with the essence of endless space that this legendary brand is known for.

Antec Hundred Nineteen

Size and Design

This case has an unconventional size. It’s very big, and as such has a higher storage capacity. You can even install several hard drives and two motherboards and PSUs.

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Jabra Motion UC MS Review

The Jabra Motion UC series is comprised by hands-free headphones designed to be used in the office.

The product we’ve reviewed is the Jabra Motion UC MS with travel and charge kit, optimized for Microsoft Lync, Microsoft’s IM service integrated in Outlook.

Jabra Motion UC MS

It weighs just 17.5 grams and it’s very comfortable to use.

It features motion sensors that allow it to react to the environment, which translates into a much more intuitive use and better battery life, since it enters standby mode when it’s not in use.

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Review: ASUS ROG G750JH-DB72-CA Republic of Gamers Laptop

What we have here now is ASUS’ most powerful laptop, a high-end model with one of the most powerful GPU son the market.


Gaming Series’ laptops from ASUS is one of the big names on the gaming laptop market ever since the release of the G1 and G2 back in 2006, two very characteristic and affordable gaming laptops. Despite the design, the components –especially the GPU- were mid-level to make them affordable, which made some users want something a bit more powerful, something the most recent ROG model accomplished. Now we have here the ASUS ROG G750JH, a truly impeccable machine.


This is the most important model in the G750 series, since the other two versions, the G750JW and G750JX use inferior GPUs; in this review we will find out what makes this ASUS’ most powerful laptop as of today.

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MSI G Series GS70 17.3-Inch Laptop Review(1TB HDD, 128GB x 2 SSD Super RAID0, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M)

MSI releases a new gaming laptop that turns a price-performance brand into a brand that offers something different to gamers.


MSI has surprised us with a gaming laptop that looks very different from what we’re used to. Their latest gaming laptops have gone from affordable prices, to amazing specs and high prices, which has hurt their reputation with their user base a bit; this model, however, makes up for its price with a much smaller size and a specs that we haven’t seen before in laptops of this brand. The MSI GS70 is undoubtedly an uncommon gaming laptop without an equal in Europe, clearly designed to compete against the 17-inch Razer Blade Pro.

MSI G Series GS70

Technical Specs

The new MSI GS70 is very beautifully-looking, surprisingly thin for a gaming laptop, and also features the latest hardware, something I’d like to especially point out. That’s why I’ll start by telling you what the hardware of this model with the latest components is capable of.

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We tested the new gaming devices from Razer at Dreamhack 2013.

The company has shown us at firsthand the new gaming tablets Razer Edge and the new portable Razer Blade.

Razer, one of the main sponsors of the Dreamhack Valencia 2013, has shown us two of their most interesting devices, we are talking about the gaming tablet Razer Edge and laptop Blade, both devices have features that make them something beyond common and very exclusive.

We started with the Razer Edge, a tablet made by and for players, with a hardware more appropriate of a laptop than a tablet, we are talking about an Intel Core i5 processor with 4GB and DDR3 memory for the standard version and a Core i7 with 8 GB and DDR3 for the Edge Pro. Both share the integrated graphics Intel HD 4000 with a Nvidia GeForce GT 640M with 2 GB of shared memory. The screen is 10.1 inches with IPS panel and 1366 x 768 pixel resolution in both models.

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Review: Acer Aspire V3-772G-9829 – Geforce GTX 760M.

A new generation of gaming and multimedia computers has arrived with the release of the new 4th generation Intel Core platform, and also the release of the new graphical chips from Nvidia. Today, we will review all of them in this article.


Ultra books’ increase in popularity makes our attention to be centered on these new low-end models. However, not everyone is looking for this kind of computer; there will always be a consumer looking for a better performance, options for upgrading, storage, etc. The Acer Aspire V3-722 is a good example of these computers designed for those who want the best possible performance for them. It also is the best gaming laptop under $1000.

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Razer Blade 2013 Review: this is how you make a gaming laptop

At first sight, it may appear the guys at Razer have made a black Macbook Pro Retina. Design and comparisons aside, the 2013 edition of the Razer Blade is much more than that. This 14-inch laptop combines the weight and size of a small, affordable laptop, with the power required for mid/high-end games.

Razer Blade 2013

Sacrificing performance – especially graphical- over size is one of the most common issues among laptops. And while it’s true that the latest generation of graphics cards featured with the new Intel Haswell processors have greatly improved in this regard, there’s still a lot of room for improvement.

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