Acer Revo One RL85 mini PC review

Many readers will remember the "netbook fever" that we lived a few years ago. To a lesser extent, several months later some computers appeared under the nettop concept, intended to bring that philosophy to replace the desktop. Acer was one of the first manufacturers to opt for these alternative formats that years later seem to resurrect. The Acer Revo One we discuss today is an spiritual heir of one of the first nettops that passed through the PC4U technician lab.

In the end, it seems that the PC is not dying but it’s simply transformed to suit the needs of the new profile of the domestic user: hybrid, convertible, microPC, Steam Machines or barebones are all kinds of solutions that should keep the PC alive, while the arrival of Windows 10 will help it recover some lost market.

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Best Cheap Gaming Laptop under 600 dollars 2015

Generally, the specs for a gaming laptop that’s $600 or less are not stunning. It is not a good choice for a gamer who loves demanding games. However, if the games you are playing are not high-end and you don’t plan on playing high-end games in the near future, then there are still have many good options for laptops under 600$ .

I spent a lot of time researching gaming laptops under 600$ and discovered that most feature AMD’s integrated graphics. Currently, the best of them is the AMD A10-5757M processor that has an integrated Radeon HD 8650G graphics card. Fortunately, there are a few laptops configured with a dedicated GPU, and their prices are close to or a little more than $600. Another laptop is the Acer Aspire V3-572G-51DR, which features GeForce GT 840M discrete graphics. In any case, both the Radeon HD 8650G and 840M perform well and can fully meet the general demands of light/ medium games. Let’s take a closer look at these laptops:

Acer Aspire V3-572G-51DR

Acer Aspire V3-572G-54S6

After extensive searching, I determined that the Acer 54s6 is the best laptop for gaming in the $600 range. It is well-built, has a relatively thin design, a great aluminum look (even though it’s plastic) and an excellent keyboard.

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MacBook Pro 13 review: Apple’s pure essence

Although they don’t stir the same noise in the media as other products, the new MacBook Pro has just been presented in society by Apple. In this event the "forgotten" MacBook returned to life, as well as the new MacBook Air, of which we will keep you informed promptly. But undoubtedly the star product was the new MacBook Pro 13 with Retina display, fully loaded of very interesting features.

It maintains its essence

It may sound counterintuitive, but to analyze a change it is important to remember what came before and what elements remain in the new MacBook Pro 13. For this reason, we will make a brief tour of what features are not there, so you can differentiate this new MacBook Pro from its predecessor.

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How to attach speakers to improve the sound in Home Theater Systems

Home Theater Systems

With honorable exceptions, audio is often the "poor little brother" in relation to video and almost the same could be true of home theater systems. Big mistake. Spending too much money on a 4K screen and not investing enough in sound is already limiting your viewing experience in half.

Good home theater fans have it clear and know the real wonders of home theater systems, starting with soundproof dedicated rooms, ergonomic seats, quality cables and of course, hardware calibrated TVs, projectors, amplifiers, A/V receivers and high-quality speakers. This is outside the scope of this article but if you’re interested there is a wealth of information on the Internet.

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Be Quiet! Silent 800 Review

Be Quiet! Silent 800

After a few years of earning a well-deserved reputation as a manufacturer of power supplies and cooling solutions for PC, the German company seeks to widen their horizons and presented their first case: the new Be Quiet! Silent Base 800. We’ve tried it for a few days and these are our impressions.

Be Quiet! delivers the case in a bulky packaging, properly protected and supported by a full accessory kit with all the necessary elements for a standard installation: the screws, flanges to conduct cables, hard disks support in orange silicone and a concise but comprehensive instruction manual.

The new Be Quiet! Silent Base 800 is a chassis built with a 9.7 mm steel sheet with ABS plastic panels and generous 230 x 542 x 495 mm dimensions (somewhat higher than most ATX cases, something you should consider when placing it). Our test model had some orange finishes, offering a different look and making a difference without being strident.

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Best External Hard Drive 2015

We live in an age in which, like it or not, the use of optical or magnetic disks, such as CDs, DVDs or floppy devices, have gone through a serious decline. Currently the most popular data storage systems are flash memories (popularly known as Pen Drives) memory cards (SD, microSD, Compact Flash) but also, especially in households, external hard drives.

Best External Hard Drive

An external hard drive is nothing more than a hard disk enclosed in a smaller outer box, which through a direct connection to the computer, can store all types of files and documents securely. Let’s know more details and which types of external hard disk you can choose on Amazon…

Features to consider when buying an external hard drive

There are many external hard drives to choose from Amazon, each and every one of them is designed for a specific type of user: some simpler, others more complete, some have a better design, some are more for work. You have to realize that these devices are really sensitive: an accidental fall to the ground from a certain height can be their last. Thus you need to take extreme measures when handling it.

Their capabilities, formats, sizes, designs, connectivity and manner of operation, determine the best uses that you can give them according to your particular needs. Let’s check which features you can currently find in an external hard drive from El Corte Inglés:

  • Physical Disk Size: There are discs of various sizes, depending on the specific needs of the user. For example, the most common are 2.5″ (inch), which are generally used to store data and move them from one device to another, since they are the most comfortable and portable. You can also find 3.5” hard drives, which are more ostentatious and are often used in fixed sites at home (since they usually need an external power supply). External hard drives of larger sizes than these are often used as mass data storage sites or multimedia file centers.
  • Design: Generally, an external hard drive is contained within a case with plastic finishes, but it’s really common to find special editions that use more resistant or durable materials, such as rubber or aluminum.
  • Internal Capacity: An external hard drive is measured primarily by its capacity. The most sold external hard drives are the ones with 1TB, i.e, with 1024 MB of space. Yes, the new versions of 2TB, 3TB, and even 6TB advanced storage systems are coming strong now. As a user, you can only decide how much space you need.
  • Connectivities: In 90% of current external hard drives you will find, as the main connection, an USB 3.0 port, which lets you transfer data at 5 MB/s between a computer or device that supports this protocol. The rest of portable hard drives use USB 2.0, LAN / Ethernet, Wi-Fi connections and even a Thunderbolt port. The future is on the new USB-C connection with USB 3.1 protocol, which is tinier, much faster than USB 3.0 and reversible, but there are still months or years ahead until such hard drives are common in stores.
  • Format: Usually, external hard drives are compatible with a wide range of PCs, Macs, or other operative systems. The format of their file systems are usually FAT, FAT32 or NTFS, which are Windows standards and are used in the most current commercial devices, though it is also possible to find them or convert them to specific formats for use on Mac systems (Mac Plus OS and HFS+), Linux (ext) or new formats such as exFAT.
  • Energy-saving features: Almost all current external hard drives, especially the 2.5″ models, have the ability to make the most of the power that the USB 3.0 connection provides, which is 5V and 1 A. Still, for convenience, the larger-sized External Hard drives often include power supply adapters to be plugged to the network, since they are designed to be placed permanently on a desk or table, and this gives them the guarantee of functioning as a separate electronic device, if it is not necessary to use USB.

A matter of uses

What types of uses would you give to an external hard drive? Well, though this response is quite personal, let’s venture to make a small collection of ideas, albeit as a guide:

  • Photo Storage: Our cameras, smartphones or tablets usually produce large files due to their high quality. After filling the memory card of the device where you store the pics, it is vital to move them to a hard drive to store the photos safely, and if you are a professional photographer, you already know that the RAW and JPG files from your camera eat away compulsively the memory from your cards and hard drives.
  • Storing videos or movies: Storing the videos of your cameras, smartphones or tablets is of even greater priority, especially if we are talking about FullHD resolution or 4K / UHD videos, as they occupy a lot of space on your memory cards. You may also store digital movies and save space in your video library.
  • Game storage: Today, besides being able to purchase games in physical format in stores, digital games purchase platforms are becoming more popular, as they allow you to download, in some cases, the games in full to be installed directly on your PC. An external hard drive is the best ally when moving and storing such large files. (Read More: Best Gaming Laptop)
  • Computer program storage: Formerly we had to store hundreds of CDs or DVDs with specific computer programs for our work or studies, with encyclopedias, etc. Today we have the opportunity to create a catalog of programs in a simple and portable external hard drive. Disk shelves belong to another era.
  • Document Storage: For high-school and college students, it is often vital to have a PC, but even more so a place to store safely all documents and graphic files that needed throughout the courses. An external hard drive is essential in these cases. This applies also to any employee that uses a computer regularly in their company.
  • Backup: One of the cleverest uses you can give to an external hard drive, without a doubt, is to use it as a security backup or to back up your most important files. Thus, before any accident or unexpected disaster or unexplained loss of important files on your PC, you will always have the peace of mind that you have a copy on an external drive.
  • Media center and TV recorder: Another of the most popular aspects of using an external hard drive is as media center to enjoy all types of content on your TV. There are specific models that are ready to be connected to the TV via HDMI video connection and even Wi-Fi, but the most practical and quick solution is to connect the drive via USB to the TV, as currently all TVs have this port. You can also use your external hard drive as TV recorder in most modern television sets, but each TV will be the one to impose the conditions for storing these recordings (it might even be necessary to format the disk in some cases).

A review of the new Assassin’s Creed Rogue (no spoilers)

The next installment in the eternal Assassin’s Creed saga begins in the Seven Years War in the Colonial America of the Eighteenth century. Starring Shay Patrick Cormac, you will accompany him in his adventure by land and sea, in which blood and betrayal have a big role. We don’t want to spoil the mysteries and the overall plot, so it is better than you play it, but before we will analyze this title for PCs from Ubisoft.

In Assassin’s Creed Rogue you will only find a story mode in which you can only use it in single player mode. The Multiplayer mode disappears in Rogue, but don’t worry, there are plenty of things to do; it’s an interesting game despite being a very over advertised title.

Assassin's Creed Rogue

The story involves obtaining memories through the Animous (there are also playable times in which you can get information about other AC) of a young murderer, Shay Patrick Cormac. You will help him, as the plot advances in naval battles, against face-to-face with enemies and, of course, his furtive murders. Rogue begins in a quite hectic way but for this we will post a series of tutorials to get control of it (it comes in handy when you have some time without playing AC).

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Razer BlackWidow Chroma Clicky Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Razer keep giving it all with its gaming peripherals in full color, with the Chroma series. In past reviews, we analyzed its Kraken 7.1 headphones and one of its mouses, the deathadder, now is the turn of the keyboard.

Razer Blackwidow Chroma, along with a Deathhadder are the two emblems and standards of the brand of gaming peripherals. But in a crowded market with gaming products and mechanical keyboards and cherry keys,

Razer with its Blackwidow has bet on its own switches, as we’ll discuss later, something that seems to have liked among the most enthusiastic and has made the decision between models and brands a little harder.

To know it a little more in detail, we’ll have a quick look at its features.

  • Two pressure options for the keys of own manufacture, green in 50g and what we have for analysis or orange 45g, quietest.
  • Up to 10 keys of simultaneous pressing
  • Hub for USB and direct audio on the keyboard
  • 5 buttons for macros
  • All keys are 100% reprogrammable, through Synapse.

As we see at first glance, as it happened with the Chroma version of Deathadder, we didn’t find any difference between the features of this new version and the previous one, both as blackwidow and blackwidow ultimate.

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Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M vs 860M benchmark, Specs Comparison

As far as I know, many people put off the time to buy a laptop in order to wait for the release of the GeForce GTX 960M, but to our disappointment, the 960M is essentially the same product as the 860M Maxwell (GTX 860M also have a Kepler version), which improves little in performance, only about 6% – about 8% or so, so it is recommended that you should not be misled by the new "9" thing when you buy a laptop, next we will introduce these two graphics cards in detail.

Specs comparison:

GTX 960M GTX 860M Maxwell
Chip GM107 GM107
Architecture Maxwell Maxwell
Shaders 640 640
Core clock base 1093 Mhz 1029 MHz
Core clock Turbo 1202 MHz 1097 MHz
Memory clock 2500 MHz 2500 MHz
Maximum VRAM 2GB 2GB / 4GB
Memory type GDDR5 GDDR5
Memory interface 128-bit 128-bit
Maximum Bandwidth 80GB/s 80GB/s

By the comparison of the specifications, we can learn that the GTX960m is essentially the same product as the GTX860 Maxwell, which has the same Shaders, Memory interface and Maximum Bandwidth except a certain improvement in frequency, because it is similar to the GTX860 Maxwell in specification, it results in very little improvement in its performance, according to the test of 3DMark 11 (P mode), the GTX 960M scored only 5300 points in graphics, while the GTX 860M scored 4800 points or so, so it has only improved by about 10.4%, but we all know that the GTX 860M has improved by about 40% in comparison with the previous generation the GTX 760M.

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MSI GS60 GHOST PRO 4K-079 Gaming Laptop Review


I’ve been using 4k screens since they became fairly affordable over the past year. During this time I’ve missed my old 4K display more than what I’ve been enjoying the other 4k. The reasons are partly personal and partly technical, as the specs requirements of a 4K display are remarkable, both in terms of interface and graphics power.


This feature introduced in portable format seems to me even more complicated, if we take into account that the GS60 is a laptop that still relies on Nvidia Optimus, which is more a liability rather than an asset in the new generations of Nvidia graphics chips. This unit, therefore, gives way to doubts from the beginning.

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