NVIDIA Laptop Graphics Cards Buying Guide

The way in which manufacturers use and mix the nomenclature of its graphics cards for laptop and desktop PCs just generates a lot of confusion that can be very harmful to users, since the performance of both types is not the same, even if they share the same name or number.


This means that when you buy a laptop with a specific graphics card, you may believe that it will provide an identical or very similar performance as that of its desktop variant, but nothing further from reality.

Yes, it is a common error that occurs mainly when we carried away by the name of the graphics card without going revising its detailed specifications. This, along with the fact that within a single model there may be small variations that share the same name, makes the decision of choosing a laptop with a dedicated GPU to be a real headache.

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Best Cheap Gaming Laptop 2015 Comparison (Under 1500 Dollars)

Only a few years ago, if you wanted a gaming laptop that was capable of playing the newest PC games, and you wanted to have decent resolution with high detail settings, it would easily cost $2000 or more, especially if you wanted the laptop to be usable for gaming for more than one or two years. Today, things are a bit different; although the changes do depend on the particular gaming laptop you’re considering and how you define a "gaming laptop." According to my understanding, a gaming laptop around $1500 even more cheaper can satisfy most of the gamers’ needs. Here, I’ll recommend some cheap gaming laptop in 2015, the price is between $800 and $1500.

Our recommend: Lenovo Y50

Lenovo Y50

The notebooks in the Lenovo’s Y series are jewels within the gaming laptop arena that has been overlooked for a long time. The Y50 and the Y510p laptops both deliver a great deal of performance and power, while providing great 1080p displays and strong audio for a remarkably affordable price.


Let’s take a look first at the Lenovo Y50 to see what it gained or lost when compared to the Y510p. By getting rid of the Ultrabay, the Lenovo Y50 weight has been reduced to 5.29 pounds and now only measures 0.94 inches in thickness. The Y510p, by comparison, is a bit larger weighing in at 5.95 pounds and measuring 1.41 inches in thickness.

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Guide: Errors to avoid when building a new computer


When building a new PC it’s very common to make mistakes both in choosing the right components as well as in the setup itself. Though this happens for several reasons, it’s usually due to a lack of information and bad advice that, on occasion, can come even from those who mean no harm.

Surely you’ve all found yourselves in the classic situation where someone tells you "Look, I bought this laptop with a 4 GB graphics card," and it turns out that it only has 1 GB for DDR3 vram and takes the rest from the computer’s main RAM. But there are many other cases, such as people who set up their own huge power supply on devices that don’t need it or who try to overclock with a heatsink of CPU series.

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Types of memories from SSD: SLC, MLC and TLC, what’s the difference?

I think we’ve all heard of the SLC, MLC and TLC memory types on the evolution of SSD. For some time there has been an investigation on how these discs can be reduced in price since they appeared on the market. 1 GB of SSD used to cost about 2 dollars making it almost impossible to buy for ordinary users. Now things have changed and 1 GB of SSD costs around 0.55 dollars, almost 4 times less.

The memory used by SSD is type NAND Flash, which, unlike the RAM is non-volatile (it does not lose the stored data when disconnected). NAND Flash memories store information in cells, which have a limited lifetime and are reflected in the use they have had, i.e. write cycles.

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7 tricks to get the most out of your SSD disk.

Installing a SSD disk is one of the easiest ways to give a new life to your device. Its installation is very simple, since once we have moved our operative system to this unit; we can get a spectacular speed rate at boot time. However, there are many other ways to take advantage of this and make your installation even more worth it.


Using Windows 7 or higher

These days, it is difficult to find computers with Windows XP beyond a couple of offices. If this is your case, we recommend taking advantage to upgrade to Windows 7 or 8. Why? Very simple: these versions have support for SSD hard drives. This means that they recognize the drives, and Windows 7 & 8 is capable to get the maximum performance in terms of speed. Its installation is very simple, here’s how: if you need to buy a license, here you can find one of Windows 8 for your computer desktop or laptop.

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How to care for and extend the battery life for you laptop?

You probably know some tricks to extend your laptop battery, either by lowering the screen brightness or disconnecting the Wi-Fi. However, there are many more things that you can (and should) do take care of battery duration. Below we explain how to squeeze the most out of your laptop battery just by following some simple rules.


The battery of any portable device will degrade over time, it is inevitable. But by following the tips below you will at least ensure that you won’t have to replace it (or buy a new computer) earlier than normal.

Temperature and cleaning

The laptops temperature can have a big impact on battery life: check the manufacturer’s instructions for the temperature safety range for your equipment. These tend to be different depending on whether you are using the laptop or it is not in use. For reliable temperature range readings of the laptop, users can go to OS X Temperature Gauge, which costs five dollars, but it gives you more information than you’ll be able to use. If you’re using Windows, Rainmeter is a free monitoring system that gives you all kinds of data, including temperature.

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Guide for buying Televisions: Home Theater’s and Sound Bars.

When buying a television what we most look at is the screen and how well it looks. It’s obvious this is a primary element and as such deserves a great acknowledgement. Nevertheless, you know how we like for you to look at the details and that is why today we will talk about the sound.


The TV’s over the years have become thinner and flat. This is without a doubt an important advance. Nevertheless, with these advances we have lost something fundamental, high quality sound. In order to sound well the sound must take up space and this is impossible my friend’s, which is why today I will show you how to choose something that is more convenient for your room: A Sound Bar or a Home Theater System.

Before starting what should I look for in sound equipment?

Before talking about what is offered in each category of product it is convenient to go over what we have to keep in mind before making a purchase. Both are really useful and function well but to make a good purchase we have to understand the sound systems. Let’s go over some data and aspects of the systems that we have to keep in mind.

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Best Gaming Headset 2014 for PC, Xbox and PS4

The game headset, which puts both the headphone and microphone together is a very important feature, if you were to ask anyone who is loves to play games. In order to get the correct type of headset, this will mean coming up with a list of all of the features that improve your gaming experience. You will need a microphone in order to interact with other gamers when playing certain games like “Call of Duty.” If you don’t play games like this and do not need to use a microphone, then you should still purchase a headphone instead of a headset.

Best Gaming Headset

Although a few game players have to have a headset in order to block out noise when playing games such as “Halo”, other game players will just use a headphone instead of speakers, which will keep the noise down low. However, find out if you will need a console headset or a computer headset. Then pick out the features that you want. You can get headsets that have both noise cancellation features and surround sound. Some manufacturers also have headsets that have wireless features so that they are mobile and portable. Also think about getting features that are comfortable and affordable.

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Guide: Building a gaming PC to play at 1080p for under 800 dollars 2014

Today, assembling a PC for playing at 1080p is hardly prohibitive, since the price of components and peripherals has dropped considerably over the last year.

However, choosing components properly is not an easy task, especially considering the large number of components that are currently flooding the market.

Also, the market changes quickly, which is why a guide that was completely valid and correct now might be completely useless and obsolete in a few months.

Renew or die, an expression that certainly applies to the computer world and leads us to renew our guides.

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Review: ASUS ROG G750JH-DB72-CA Republic of Gamers Laptop

What we have here now is ASUS’ most powerful laptop, a high-end model with one of the most powerful GPU son the market.


Gaming Series’ laptops from ASUS is one of the big names on the gaming laptop market ever since the release of the G1 and G2 back in 2006, two very characteristic and affordable gaming laptops. Despite the design, the components –especially the GPU- were mid-level to make them affordable, which made some users want something a bit more powerful, something the most recent ROG model accomplished. Now we have here the ASUS ROG G750JH, a truly impeccable machine.


This is the most important model in the G750 series, since the other two versions, the G750JW and G750JX use inferior GPUs; in this review we will find out what makes this ASUS’ most powerful laptop as of today.

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