Best Gaming Headset 2014 for PC, Xbox and PS4

The game headset, which puts both the headphone and microphone together is a very important feature, if you were to ask anyone who is loves to play games. In order to get the correct type of headset, this will mean coming up with a list of all of the features that improve your gaming experience. You will need a microphone in order to interact with other gamers when playing certain games like “Call of Duty.” If you don’t play games like this and do not need to use a microphone, then you should still purchase a headphone instead of a headset.

Best Gaming Headset

Although a few game players have to have a headset in order to block out noise when playing games such as “Halo”, other game players will just use a headphone instead of speakers, which will keep the noise down low. However, find out if you will need a console headset or a computer headset. Then pick out the features that you want. You can get headsets that have both noise cancellation features and surround sound. Some manufacturers also have headsets that have wireless features so that they are mobile and portable. Also think about getting features that are comfortable and affordable.

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AeroCool GT and GT Advance two very affordable ATX mid-tower cases

With prices ranging from 30 to 36 Dollars, you can now get one of these ATX Mid Tower cases with gaming aesthetics.

Both the AeroCool GT and the GT Advance are two cases with ATX support, oriented for entry-level gaming machines, which can explain the aggressive design with red-colored details for the black case, or blue for the white one.

Both models are made of 0.5-mm SECC steel, come in a size of 430 x 200 x 440 mm and inside there is room for two 5.25-inch bays, three 3.5-inch Hard Drive bays and 7 expansion slots. There will be no problem if you want to install large graphics cards thanks to the 40 inches of available space. There’s also more than enough room (158 mm high) for any cooling system.

The only difference between the GT and the GT Advance is the replacement of one of the two USB 2.0 ports for one USB 3.0 port. Other than that, they are identical in every regard. These are excellent mid-tower cases with gaming-like aesthetic and a much lower price than the most common gaming cases.

Both are available now.

  • AeroCool GT White Edition: 25 Dollars
  • AeroCool GT Black Edition: 24.30 Dollars
  • AeroCool GT White Advance Edition: 29 Dollars
  • AeroCool GT Black Advance Edition: 25 Dollars

ASUS Maximus VI GENE Motherboards Review (DDR3 1600 Intel Z87 LGA 1150)

The Mini-ITX mother boards represent the next step for small-sized high-end computers. Thanks to models like these, you can now enjoy powerful machines in a reduced space.


Recently, we’ve been able to test one of the most powerful and latest mother boards. The model we’ll analyze today can be considered one of them, except, perhaps for their limited number of components you can install. This is a very small high-end mother board that will let us take advantage of the latest components while using minimal space.

ASUS Maximus VI Impact

Technical Specs

This small (100x100mm) motherboard features the Z87, the latest and most powerful chipset from the company, which supports 4th generation Intel Haswell Core from the K series to enjoy the best performance but with a small computer.

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New GIGABYTE A88X series, with support for AMD "Kaveri"

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd has presented seven new models based on the socket FM2 + and compatible with APUs AMD last generation, including “Kaveri”, “Trinity” and “Richland”. Innovations include the first model of the G1 series. Sniper for AMD platform.

The top of the new series will be the GIGABYTE F2A8X-UP4, AMD A88X chipset-based and built under Ultra Durable 5 standards. Other details include the circuitod e -8 phase power VRM, support for 64 Gbytes of memory DDR3-2113 MHz + with OC and a novel cooling system with double sink.

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Shuttle XPC Barebone SH87R6 System Review

The new generation of barebones from Shuttle is compatible with 4th generation Intel Core processors with Intel’s high-performance H87 chipset.


A very interesting feature about the XPC from Shuttle is that they take compact solutions to the next level, getting rid of the limitations of small computers and making solutions easier. With a Shuttle XPC you can simply add a processor, memory and a storage device and you’ll have a smaller, quieter high-end PC. Also, the XPC offer something the Mini-ITX systems don’t: a proprietary motherboard that greatly increases performance.

Shuttle XPC Barebone SH87R6

Technical Specs

Its specs make this the second best Intel chipset for this generation. The H87 does everything the Z87 does except for the over clocking customizations, because over clocking isn’t really what this model is about. This model is designed to have a powerful PC without much hassle, totally functional and with the latest technologies.

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EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 P2, new high-end power supply unit.

The 1000-W power supply unit from EVGA features 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency fully customizable fan behavior.

The new EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 P2 is a 1000-W power supply with one rail of 12 v and 83.3 amperes designed for the most powerful, demanding computers. It’s fully modular, which means every cable can be easily extracted and modified to suit your needs.

Its normal work temperature ranges between 0 to 50 ºC, and below 45 degrees its dynamic RMP deactivates the 140-mm fan, which activates the silent ECO Intelligent Thermal Control Fan system mode to work with virtually no noise from the fan. The RPM can be manually configured with the Dual Thermal Control System. Thanks to its 92% efficiency in normal operation, it sports an 80 PLUS Platinum certification.

EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 P2

It’s protected against short circuits, high voltage and variations in the current input; it features high quality Japanese condensers. It also has 6 PCI-Express 6+2 connectors, and two 6-pin PCI-Express ones, 5 MOLEX and 10 SATA disks connectors, as well as the 24-pin and 8-pin connectors for the mother board.

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Fight of Titans: Zotac GTX 780 Amp! vs ASUS GTX 780 DirectCU OC Comparison

Two GTX 780 GPUs that leave the reference model way behind to offer proprietary designs with better frequencies, improved cooling systems and more effective noise reduction.


Nvidia has done a great job with their reference models, but there is always room for improvement and the two models we’ll review today will demonstrate just that. These two graphics cards are a dream come true for those who want the absolute best; to improve the performance to the maximum level, they have high-end noise and temperature control systems. These models are the dream of every gamer, and today we will not only review them, but also pit them against each other and compare them.

ASUS Geforce GTX 780

ASUS Geforce GTX 780 DirectCU OC.

The design of this GPU is simply amazing. It’s quite bigger than the average graphics card, and the cooling system uses big nickel-plated copper heat pipes that transport the heat from the components through a massive aluminum-made radiation system.

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Coolermaster CM 690 III

The new generation of one of the best cases in the history of the PC has a revision that keeps the essence but adapts to the present and future.

The new Coolermaster CM 690 III maintains the essence of a truly efficient thermally speaking box and design with a layout that once turned it into one of the most desired boxes by enthusiasts and even in the installation of servers and workstations.

The new model can be mounted with up to three 200mm fans, with one of them included, and allows the assembly of liquid cooling kits in an up to 240 mm radiator, no problem.


Storage is also focused more in units of 2.5 ” SSD disk or with mechanical space for three 3.5 disks ” leaving more space for large size graphics cards. It also includes a position behind the plate basis for SSDS that many users appreciate because it allows the management of even more careful wiring.

It keeps top compartment, disk connector, and frontal connectivity with up to four USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports (two and two). There’s a mythical box which now has a more careful, more modern design, with a choice of a truly elegant acrylic window. We can’t wait to try it.

Its price: around $82.99 when it goes on sale in the coming weeks.


Coolermaster CM Storm Pulse-R Gaming Headset.

The new gaming headset from Cooler master shows all the experience the company has gained from sponsoring professional e-Sports teams.

The first things you note from its great design are its 42nm triggers and the interchangeable aluminum covers; the Pulse-R is a normal headset with an integrated microphone you can set in any way you want. You can plug it to your PC with its 3-5-mm minijack, and it has volume controls for both the headphones and the microphone.

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Review and comparison: Intel motherboards with chipset Z87.

The new Haswell processors from Intel are already available in stores now, so it’s a good moment to pit them against each other and see what the best option for you is.


The Z87 is Intel’s flagship chipset, and therefore one of the most complete in the market. We’ve picked the best mother boards on the market, from the biggest retailers in the country. In this comparison, we will pit some mother boards against each other, all of them with prices near the 300 Euros.

Intel motherboards with chipset Z87

Asrock Z87 Extreme9/AC.

Asrock’s products tend to be simple, to-the-point and effective, and this mother board is no exception. Thanks to its high-quality integration, nice over clocking possibilities and interesting prices, this is one solid board. However, it is important to note that this is one of the most advanced mother boards on the market, so don’t expect it to be cheap.

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