Carrizo would perform an additional 5% on terms of CPU thanks to Excavator

Fortunately for us, the presentation that AMD will offer during the ISSCC of 2015, in which it’ll show very interesting information about its Carrizo APU’s and its performance at CPU and GPU level has been leaked.


As we know, this new CPU+GPU generation by AMD is based on the Excavator architecture in its x86 face, while the graphic side uses GCN third generation’s architecture.

This jump from Steamroller to Excavator will suppose an increase of 5% of the IPC as we anticipated in the title, offering a consumption 40% lower.

Jumping to its integrated GPU, the 512 top-of-the-range graphic processors that we could see in Kaveri would maintain, except those were based on the second generation of GCN.

The process of fabrication will remain at 28nm and the TDP will go from 15W to 35W, depending on the concrete model, to which we have to unite the support of DDR3 memories at 2.133 MHz.

If nothing happens, we’ll have more official information throughout next week.

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