Best Monitor for your Macbook pro and Mac mini 2015

Regardless of the screen size of our computer, either laptop or desktop, many users opt for an additional external display. If you are looking for a monitor, we show you three options that you might like.

How to choose the external display

Choosing the right screen depends on the needs of each user. Obviously, as you use it, you will know if it’s a good or bad idea for it to have certain features or not.

  • If it’s not greater than 22", the minimum resolution that you should look for is Full HD. With a higher diagonal, it’s better to opt for higher resolutions or you will see too much pixels on the screen.
  • If you want to edit photos, it’s important that the screen must be matte and represent 100% or the maximum color profile with which you work with (sRGB, Adobe RGB).
  • As for connections, this is relative but a minimal DVI is necessary. Then if you can get some extra USB or HDMI ports it’s also interesting because you can use it with other devices, such as game consoles.

Three monitors to consider:

In the market there are many options, surely each of you will have your own preferences. My three options would be these ones below. They cover three prices ranges and each one has their own advantages when buying them.

Benq GW2760HS

Benq GW2760HS is the cheapest 27 inch option. With its price, of around 200 dollars, it has a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels, thanks to its AMVA panel, it’s Typical Contrast Ratio up to 3000: 1 and has a brightness of 300 nits. 4ms Response Time, It has DVI connection, DisplayPort, an analogic port and several USB ports.

Dell Ultrasharp U2713HM

Dell Ultrasharp U2713HM: a 27’’ monitor with a resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels and can represent 99% of the sRGB color profile. When it comes to connection options, it is very well equipped: it has HDMI, DVI (HDCP), DisplayPort and 4 USB ports. Maybe you won’t like tha price very much, as it’s around 500 dollars.

Apple Thunderbolt Display

• Lastly, and certainly the most criticized option, the Apple Thunderbolt Display. Apple’s Monitor has negative points, such as the screen glare but also advantages like the Thunderbolt connection. Its price of 950 dollars makes it prohibitive, and that’s why many people in the world of publishing (video or photo) opt for models of other brands. Likewise, it is also good to know that when seeing the current iMac models, Apple’s monitor should receive an update that would imply a change in design, which would be thinner, and the new filter and anti-reflex panel to improve brightness and color.

As I said above, three options. At least you get an idea with these. And if you’re thinking that 27" is just too large, I will tell you that it’s not like that at all. You get used quickly to it and it is very comfortable to work with multiple applications opened at once. Do you have some other interesting proposal?

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