The best graphics cards of 2014 for your PC

We present to you the best graphics cards for your PC that’ll let you play your games to the max, if your wallet can handle it.

August is over and a new stage has begun, meaning you may be interested in knowing what are the best graphics cards of 2014 for your PC, whether it be because classes are starting, your videogames need more power, or you’ve decided to use your computer for something more serious. The solution might be in this list we’ve put together for you. You don’t necessarily have to buy all new equipment; just by replacing one part, you can make your computer perform even better than when you first bought it.

The first thing you need to know is if your PC allows for its graphics card to be substituted or improved. In compact or laptop models, this is either very difficult or impossible to do, so if you’re not sure, ask an expert who’ll advise you on things like energy consumption and the physical limitations of your equipment. Once you know this, you’ll have to adjust your expectations and clarify your needs: Do you need to run games? Professional applications? Or does your computer just need a tiny improvement?

NVIDIA GeFORCE GTX Titan BlackThe NVIDIA GeFORCE GTX Titan Black is the simpler option, with the most powerful processor you can buy for games or professional use. It has the best of both worlds and represents the manufacturer’s latest technology. If you’ve heard of 4K resolution, you’ll experience it in the products that use the Titan Black.

The manufacturers of this series sell at prices around $1,000, so we’re not talking about a product for beginners. Even so, there are people who install two or more of these on their PC. Can you imagine playing on a machine with the power of over 10 PlayStation 4s? And how about playing on two or even three screens instead of one alone?

Radeon R9 295X2The Radeon R9 295X2 is AMD’s response to NVIDIA’s graphics card. However, this brand’s card has two big chips with hundreds of processing units on the same surface, which makes it like having two cards in one. This product is about the size of a typical card, though it’s not far from the competition in terms of price. Regarding the amount of energy it requires, one of these cards can consume more than several PCs together. As for price, we’re talking around $1,500 per unit. This card isn’t for everyone either, but the results are incredible.

The NVIDIA GeForce Titan Z is the next stage for the most specialized graphics cards manufacturer in the business. Like its AMD counterpart, it incorporates the near-equivalent of two Titan Blacks in one card. With 12 GB of GDDR5 memory, it has more RAM capacity than any modern videogame console and has the power of a supercomputer. All this with one card–imagine the possibilities with several installed at once. But given its price of near $3,000, few will be able to.

NVIDIA GeForce Titan ZObviously, aside from these options you’ll find other models that do the job well. You don’t need a Titan or a Radeon R9 295X2 to play your favorite games. But even among the best cards you’ll find some notable differences, not so much in performance as in design and compatibility with the best games. Processing power alone doesn’t necessarily solve your problems; you’ve also got to know how to use your graphics card and keep your computer up to date to get the best performance out of all the hardware you buy. Did you know that some of the best graphics cards use liquid cooling to maintain an ideal temperature during operation?


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