Best ASUS gaming laptop 2015: ASUS G751JY-DH71 Review (i7-4710HQ/GTX 980M)

G751JY, a new 17-in gaming notebook launched as the flagship of the ASUS ROG series, gets the inspiration for its outlook design from the F-22 fighter. Its Alu-alloy case is coated with a black matte graphics layer, giving the notebook a strong sense of muscle. As for its hardware, G751JY uses GTX 980M, a top-class discrete graphics card and thefourth-generation Intel Core i7 quad-core processor, giving it arguably matchless performance. In addition, it also incorporates one-click gameplay recording capability and 3 programmable keys, offering players much more convenience and flexibility. What improvements does this brand new product boast over its predecessors? Continue reading our review and comments below.





GFX7 retains the classic F-22-inspired streamlined design style of the previous generation of G series notebooks, with a new trapezoid Alu-alloy wiredrawing outer shell added to the upper body as well as a new red logo, making it look unusually aggressive. Moreover, other areas on the top cover of the body are all covered with rubber-like resistant material,giving it a better touch feel. But there is also a drawback with it:fingerprints tend to be left on the material, to which users should pay some attention when operating on it.


G751JY has a dual-fan system that blows the hot air via rear vents, with the metal radiation net painted red to look very eye-catching, a design style more attuned to its ‘black+red’ approach to colour matching. The metal outer shell on the body’s front extends to the rear end of the body, a feature that contributes to body heat dissertation when the unit is operating at Full load.


G751JY has an excellent 17.3-inch matte screen, at a full HD 1920×1080 resolution and made of IPS material that is now a must-have for high-end gaming laptops. The screen has an ultra-wide viewing angle, offering a very good display effect. The matte anti-glare coating on the screen surface can eliminate reflection of light, therefore helping gamers avoid eye fatigue after a long time viewing and concentrate more exclusively on games.

Body weight

Traditionally 17-in gaming laptops have not had much to recommend them in portability. The G751JY has a weight of 4.17kg as bare unit and a travel weight of 5.14kg inclusive of power adaptor, so it just does averagely well in portability.

DetailsOutstanding control handle and backlight red keyboard

ASUS G751JY-DH71 Keyboard

G751JY is equipped with a seamless integrated chocolate keyboard which features a 2.5mm travel, a good tactile feedback  and a crisp keystroke sound, which create a very good handle and make it an ideal tool for game fans. In addition, G751JY also uses red key backlight and supports 3-level brightness control, with the four keys frequently used in games(i.e.WASD)tagged with eye-catching red marks. Thus, it is evident that this ROG flagship gaming laptop has been optimized in a number ways for game fans and is worthy of praise for its meticulously arranged details.

ASUS G751JY-DH71 keyboard

Moreover, G751JY offers one-click gameplay recording capability designed for easier recording video game footage. To the right of video recording button there is Steam button and ASUS ROG macro keys which supports up to three programming commands. After setting up commands one can execute various complex operations such as multikey action, starting applications or loading designated website by just single-clicking the key.


G751JY is also fitted with a large integrated touch panel whose matte surface has a more delicate coating, thus providing a more comfortable touch feel. Five properly designed state-indicating lights are arranged under the touch panel, allowing the user easily check the laptop’s w orking state whether the screen is on or off.



G751JY provides on the left side of the body one security keyhole, two USB 3.0 ports, DVD drive and one multi-card reader SD Port. Look at the side of the body you can find that the new G751JY has some increase in its body thickness over the previous generation.


On the right side of the body, there is one microphone input jack, two earphone output jacks (one is S/PDIF), two USB 3.0 ports, one Thunderbolt interface, on HDMI interface, ONE an RJ45 network port and one VGA and one power jack. G751JY is equipped with a faster Lightning interface, which can provide a wider transmission band width; however, it can support only a limited number of equipment, for most of the gaming laptop are not be equipped with it.

Other details

bottom panel

G751JY’S speaker is located in the body’s bottom, and meanwhile the body’s surroundings are provided with four larger foot pads, which not only can ensure the body’s stability, and the space formed between it and the table surface better facilitates the transmission of sound.

bottom panel

At the bottom panel, a user-accessible is provided which is under a removable panel, and by loosening the screw, it is possible to detach the panel. Through this zone, it can be seen that the machine possesses a total of two SATA hard drive positions. In addition, GFX 71 features a total of four memory slots, with two located in the user-accessible area.

Performance: GTX 980M’s performance is sufficiently powerful

CPU performance

CPU performance

GFX 71 carries the i7-4710HQ processor, which adopted the Haswell architecture using 22 nm Process technology, featuring four cores and eight threads, with the main clock frequency being 2.5GHz; it supports the Turbo to 3.5GHz, with a built-in HD Graphics 4600 graphic card, is rated at a TDP of 47 W including graphics card.

CPU performance

Regarding its performance, through our testing of the CineBench R15 software, the multi-threaded score of this processor was 650cb, and the single-threaded score was 136cb, the overall performance is excellent.

GPU performance

GPU performance

G751JY is equipped with GTX 980M Discrete graphics card, which adopts the Maxwell architecture and it has 1536 CUDA units; it also features a VRAM memory of 4GB GDDR5, and its memory interface is 256Bit.

GPU performance

We conducted the test using the 3DMark software, and its total score under the CloudGate mode was 22316, among which the score of the graphics card was 69535, with a performance that can nearly match that of the high-end desktop platforms.

Gaming benchmark Test

For this link, we will test the benchmarks of the two games, namely The lost planet 2 and Biochemical crisis 6, and during the tests, the game’s image quality was set to the full HD of 1920×1080, with the vertical synchronized in an OFF status, and the rest maintained in the games’ default setups.

Gaming benchmark Test 

"Lost Planet 2" rating as S, with an average FPS of 157

Resident Evil 6

"Resident Evil 6" rating as S, Score: 14231

It can be seen from this that GTX 980M’s performance can absolutely be called the flagship Discrete graphics, and under the test mode of full HD, the fps of tests were extremely high, so its performance can make you rest assured, free of any worries.

Hard drive

Hard driveHard drive

G751JY has a total of two 2.5 inch hard discs, with one being a 256GB solid hard disk, and the other a 1TB Mechanical hard drive. As for its performance, we conducted the test using the AS SSD software, among which the reading speed of the SSD was 501MB/s, the writing speed 419MB/s; with a total score of 933, it features outstanding performance; the reading speed of the mechanical hard drive was 139MB /s, and the writing speed 114MB/s.

Battery life test

In the test link of battery life, we conducted the test by playing a one-hour a full HDTV video, and during the test, the display brightness was kept at 50%, sound volume 50%, with the WiFi network connection maintained. The remaining battery capacity was 95% prior to the playing, and one hour after the video playing, the remaining battery capacity was 64%; from this, it is estimated that when the entire unit is under use with a higher load, its battery life was about 2.5h.



For this link, we conducted the test using the test tools for system stability in the AIDA 64 software, and during the test, the processor, the graphic card and memory were operating continuously at full loads; after 30min, a thermal imaging analysis was conducted. G751JY’s heat was mainly concentrated on the middle and upper zones of the keyboard, with a maximum temperature of 52 degree C;the bottom panel’s heat was mainly concentrated to the zones that correspond to the two heat dissipation fans, with the maximum temperature also being 52 degree C. In a comprehensive view, G751JY’s heat dissipation performance is quite remarkable, with temperature control of the keyboard zone being excellent.


G751JY is equipped with i7-4710HQ as well as the GTX 980M graphics card which is the fastest mobile graphics card as of 2014, with the performance of the entire unit being quite powerful, and it can smoothly play most demanding games with Full HD resolution and highest details. In addition, with regard to the aspects of screen display, the keyboard feel, as well as the effects of heat dissipation, the laptop’s performance could match those that should be possessed by flagship gaming laptop, furthermore, ROG G751JY has a lot of optimizations for gamers, for example: one-click gameplay recording, programmable macro keys and the red markings of the WASD keys, etc. In summary, before Alienware 17 is upgraded to the gtx 900m series, G751JY really has no rivals, so it is worth the options and purchases by the gamers.

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