Be Quiet! Silent 800 Review

Be Quiet! Silent 800

After a few years of earning a well-deserved reputation as a manufacturer of power supplies and cooling solutions for PC, the German company seeks to widen their horizons and presented their first case: the new Be Quiet! Silent Base 800. We’ve tried it for a few days and these are our impressions.

Be Quiet! delivers the case in a bulky packaging, properly protected and supported by a full accessory kit with all the necessary elements for a standard installation: the screws, flanges to conduct cables, hard disks support in orange silicone and a concise but comprehensive instruction manual.

The new Be Quiet! Silent Base 800 is a chassis built with a 9.7 mm steel sheet with ABS plastic panels and generous 230 x 542 x 495 mm dimensions (somewhat higher than most ATX cases, something you should consider when placing it). Our test model had some orange finishes, offering a different look and making a difference without being strident.

In a first test, Be Quiet! product revealed an outstanding level of finish, a perfect assembly (no burrs or susceptible parts that deteriorate over time) and very well resolved details, such as the base, the system filters or the drive bays.

The discrete front hides two covers (with an insulated layer inside) that give access to the four 5.25" bays (one more than usual in this format) and two Pure Wings 2 14cm coolers, protected by a removable and washable dust filter; the function of these elements is to generate a continuous air flow to ensure the proper cooling that a high-end PC must have.

Be Quiet! Silent 800

The rear is dominated by a powerful 12 cm fan, three holes protected by plastic tabs for wiring conduction, a grid of passive ventilation and spaces for both the source and for the board, as well as for the different elements that we connect to it. At the bottom there is a tab that releases the lower dust filter easily and safely.

The Be Quiet! Silent Base 800 includes legs that elevate it a few inches off the ground, allowing air circulation through the bottom and avoiding damage when moving it. Each has four soft rubber support points that are responsible for absorbing the inevitable vibrations that the fans generate and other equipment components, thus ensuring a quieter operation.

The top cover has been resolved with an illuminated LED power button and a handy connections panel featuring four USB (two 3.0) ports and audio jacks for headphones and a microphone.

Be Quiet! Silent 800

A great chassis for hardware enthusiasts

Inside the Be quiet! Silent Base 800 there is a large and almost empty space, so in terms of hardware, it is great news. The box accepts all plate formats (there are slots for mini ITX, micro ATX and ATX) and it has a careful system that guides the cables inside the side panel easily, in order to make assemblies as clean as possible, where the air can circulate freely.

The slots (four of 5.25", seven of 3.5" and four of 2.5") are mounted on removable modules, which are very comfortable when doing the mounting; you can easily install the units out of the box and then install the module to connect the wiring without risks of breakage or ruining a connector.

With this internal space, the Be Quiet! Silent Base 800 emerges as a great alternative to high-performance computers, even when it comes to mounting graphics cards above 290 mm; you can extract the first drive module (you still have four slots on the sides and the top four) and you would also have room for a double GPU 400 mm, no problems.

Be Quiet! Silent 800


Be Quiet! starts up with the right foot in this new market and this Silent Base 800 leaves a fantastic impression in our laboratory. The build quality, the removable module system for the drives, excellent soundproofing and its spacious interior are remarkable, specially designed for its target audience.

On the downside there are some little details that we imagine that they will be working out in future releases, such as the plastic hinges that can deteriorate over time or the removable legs that are very vulnerable, we would rather see them integrated into the chassis in a more robust manner.

The Be Quiet! Silent Base 800 can be found in authorized dealers by around 170 dollars, a very competitive price considering what it offers and where is the competition. For its balanced relationship between quality, price and performance we grant it the award of recommended product.

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