Battlefield 4 will offer a less linear single player campaign

No can deny that Battlefield 3 has been a success. Yes, its multiplayer mode is a delight and its performance is quite good even on low-end computers, but the truth is that its single player campaign leaves much to be desired, particularly with regard to freedom of action where has, unfortunately, nothing to do with the series Bad Company.

Battlefield 4

In short, the campaign for a gamer of Battlefield 3 is very linear and quite short. DICE he is aware of the error, as well as the criticism that players gave them at the time, and has taken letters on the issue, since according to the study will return the variety of action to the single player campaign of the fourth installment of the series, to the detriment of cinematic style that lately used in these types of games.

As a result of what is expected of Battlefield 4, we will find a story more absorbent and best developed, accompanied by the possibility of completing missions in different ways. We can anticipate anything at the moment, we can only wait and see if it DICE complies with their word. I remind you that Battlefield 4 will arrive on October 29 to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, but it will also have a version for PS4 and Xbox One which will coincide with the launch of both consoles.

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