Battlefield 4: Single player and multiplayer modes in detail

In the well-known BF4Talk forums (Battlefield 4 talk), the moderator “BeestMann” has revealed some details about the single player and multiplayer modes in Battlefield 4. According to BeestMann, this information comes from a demo playable in an event held by EA and EB Games in Australia for the media and a hundred fans.

Battlefield 4

We will resume what was said about it:


  • – They admit the story of BF3 may have been better.
  • – The campaign mode is now more emotional and focused on the player.
  • – The NPC will be more human to the last detail, like the unique, personal way of walking of each one, for example.
  • – The cinematic scenes will be much more spectacular, giving it a movie feel.



  • – It’s been confirmed that Oculus Rift will not be supported on launch, although it may be in the future.
  • – Although the official system requirements for PC are not known, they said they’re pretty much exactly the same than Battlefield 3’s.



  • – Battlelog is back for the PC version. The console version will also feature it, integrated.
  • – The “Commander Mode” works both in the normal version of the game and the version for tablets. However, the normal version has more features.
  • – Almost any object in the game can be completely destroyed. However, the impact of this will be much deeper than, compared to BF3.
  • – They’re considering making the MCOMs destructible, like when a structure falls over them, similar to what happens in Bad Company 2.
  • – You can cause blackouts in enemy buildings and then ambush them.
  • – The map known as Seize, which was shown as the E3, is middle sized, so you can imagine how massive the bigger ones are.
  • – More game modes are expected to be announced.
  • – Operation Metro was the most popular map in BF3. Now, in Battlefield 4, we will be able to get it with the Second Assault DLC.

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