ASUS X99-E WS Workstation motherboards

The new motherboard for workstations, or the ASUS WorkStation uses the high performance Intel X99 platform to offer the maximum power possible in a desktop. This ASUS X99-E integrated the latest technologies and connection ports so you don’t miss anything, making use of the high-end Intel chipset capabilities.

For example, for graphic cards or GPGPU, this amazing board offers five 3.0 PCI Express ports, from which 4 can keep on running simultaneously in x16 mode, also being able to handle Crossfire and SLI configurations.


Also, there’s the Intel LGA 2011v3 socket with 8 DDR4 memory slots in Quad Channel, with a max speed of 2.133 MHz (without overclocking) and with XMP profiles support. The X99-E WS components have been chosen in order to get the maximum durability and stability with MOSFET Dr. MOS, 12k Capacitors and Beat Thermal Chokes II, among others.

Other notable technologies offered are the compatibility with the ThunderboltEX II cards, the ASUS proprietary’s connector to add more functions to the ASUS PIKE II, which allows adding a 12 Gbps bandwidth SAS controller. Or current connectors located on the board’s corner with a ProCool technology which allows a better bond between the source and the plate.

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