ASUS Vulcan PRO vs Creative Aurvana Live! (CAL!) Gaming Headset comparison


In last article, we do a datial review about ASUS Vulcan PRO Gaming Headset, For comparative purposes , we tried the Creative Aurvana Live! headphones, While not a headset (no mic) it is a good example in regards to audio for a range close to $ 80, Compared to approximately $ 130 for the ASUS Vulcan PRO in Chile.

Creative Aurvana Live! (CAL!) Gaming Headset


As for the sound, the CAL! have a notable advantage with respect to detail and soundstage.

Both headphones, have their fair share of the low registers, perfect for a gamer. However, the CAL! provides a more controlled, deeper bass than the Vulcan PRO.

In the middle the CAL! is also superior to the Vulcan PRO. The middle area of ​​the CAL! is nice and warm, and unlike the Vulcan PRO, the voices are heard clearly.
In the area of ​​high, both have shortcomings, the CAL! has a warmer less aggressive sound than the Vulcan PRO. Yet the CAL! has better detail in this area.


Performance in the game is not so distant from the “musical” field, although the latter requires a higher level of detail and requirement than in the game itself.

The first impression in the “battlefield” is that in the CAL! sound feels more “free” and not as “forced” as it is in the Asus, this may be due to a more open soundstage by CAL! and the emphasis on insulation at all costs seen in the Vulcan PRO. Despite this, the “positioning” is not affected but clearly not the same sound of the steps or distance shots. Not everything is dreary, however, for Vulcan PRO, because with these headphones is gained a more entertaining experience in terms of explosions and gunfire.


Here the Creative headphones lose the battle, as these have negligible insulation, in favor of a better soundstage. For example a fan 5 feet away from the CAL! heard without problems; however, with Vulcan PRO even passive insulation achieves a significant decrease in fan noise, without the activation of the ANC, the trump card of our Asus.


While neither headphone is a nightmare to use, clearly the CAL! wins in terms of comfort. The Vulcan Pro is much more robust than the CAL!. Also the Vulcan PRO is much more rigid than the CAL!, Plus they have a weight of 200 gr., Compared to about 340 gr with battery included the Vulcan PRO.
Regarding the cable, the CAL! is lighter and thinner, which may irritate less considering the stiffness, width and extent of the Vulcan PRO cable.

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