ASUS ROG PG278Q with Gsync now on the market

The price is a little scary—799 dollars—but the truth is that this is a gaming monitor with exceptional features. To start with, it has a 27’’ screen and an excellent 2560×1440 resolution. Plus, with a 144Hz max refresh rate, it’s any self-respecting gamer’s dream and, as its star feature, it supports Nvidia’s Gsync technology.


This technology allows the synchronization of the graphics card and monitor at the hardware level, a feature introduced in the new specification of DisplayPort, to improve image defects like the “tearing” seen at low FPS peaks. For this reason, the vertical sync between the monitor and the card is not active.

The PG278Q uses a TN panel with a 1-millisecond GTG response time, 170-degree viewing angle, professional, ergonomically designed stand, VESA 100 compatibility, 3D up to 72 Hz, DisplayPort 1.2 connectivity, and a two-port USB 3.0 hub.

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