ASUS ROG Orion Pro Gaming Headset Review

ASUS ROG Orion Pro

From their Republic of Gamers series, ASUS offers us the Orion Pro headset, created with gamers in mind, especially those who are avid FPS players.

The specs of these are equal to those of the Orion, but they also include a USB adapter which we can connect the headset to. It also incorporates some options to process the sound, which we will analyze in this article.

The Orion Pro are made from a very resistant plastic, with a metal structure inside it, so we can easily adjust them to our head.

They’re light, since they weight only 268 grams, and are designed to adapt to our ears with its 10-centimeter ear muffs, which provide a noise cancellation of 30 dB.


ASUS ROG Orion Pro ASUS ROG Orion Pro

At the right side, we’ll find its flexible microphone, which we can adjust in every position we want. Its 2.5-meter cloth-covered cable is also very resistant.

ASUS ROG Orion Pro

In the half of the cable, we’ll find a volume control and turn on/off switch. Its connectors are gold plated to offer the best quality sound. Also, it includes plastic protectors for our connectors, so they can stay protected when not in use.

ASUS ROG Orion Pro

The gaming headset can be adjusted comfortably to our head thanks to its ear muffs; we have used it for several hours and can say it doesn’t get uncomfortable at all. Also, thanks to its length, the cable never gets in the way of our movements, and since it is cloth-covered, it never gets tangled. A rubber organizer is also included, so you can adjust the length of the cable however you need.

ASUS ROG Orion Pro

The frequency response of this neodymium magnet-made headset ranges from 20 to 20.000 Hz, more than enough for any game. We can get crisp and clear sound, even though the bass is not as good as other models’. If we use it to listening to music, the results are just as good.


Also, the microphone transmits the sound with very low distortion, even with loud noises, so we can comfortably communicate in-game with our fellow teammates or, if we wish, use it for video calls.

ASUS ROG Orion Pro

The adapter to USB, called RoG USB Spitfire, has two outputs for the microphone and earphones connectors, and it can be plugged to the USB of our computer without the need of a driver.

After its automatic configuration, we can activate and disable three options. We can get a virtual Surround 7.1 sound, amplifying the acoustic signal and activate something called FPS Mode, specially designed for first-person shooter, which will help us to listen to our enemies easily.

ASUS ROG Orion Pro


Asus’ Orion Pro headset is an excellent choice for gaming. They’re very comfortable and don’t need any special configuration nor drivers. Also, the RoG USB Spitfire allows us to change its configuration quickly and easily, although it’s bit disappointing its preference to simplicity over more complex characteristic or different equalization modes.

Its Price ranges from $113 to $142 in online stores like Amazon or Acuista. Really good prices, considering most headsets with equivalent specs are rarely this cheap. The Orion Pro will not disappoint the buyer.

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