ASUS presents the 4K ROG G501 notebook with GTX 960M

The Taiwanese company has introduced its new laptop aimed specifically at gamers, the 4K ROG G501, a really powerful computer that comes with very good specifications.


Before getting to assess the technical section, it’s fair to refer to its excellent exterior finish, and as we see this new ASUS notebook has a really nice design and it’s quite small compared to what we usually see in gaming laptops.

It has good specs, though the GTX 960M is a midrange solution that can’t play games 4K well, which is precisely the one that this notebook uses, so at this point there is an imbalance that you should consider.

As you may have anticipated that the price is very high, because this configuration will cost $1,999, but fortunately for those with tighter budgets there will be more modest models that will be offered from $ 1,099. (Read More: Gaming Laptops under 1000)

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