ASUS adds 4 GB memory to its GTX 750Ti Strix

While having extra VRAM is something useful if we’re going to run games with high resolutions and high graphic quality, this is usually only applied to higher-range equipment, which is the only one capable of running the last titles with this conditions. Adding large quantities of memory to graphic cards has always worked as a marketing strategy for many fabricants, something that jumps to sight when we see middle or even low range models with more memory than other, more powerful models.

That’s why the launching of the GeForce GTX 750 Ti with 4 GB of GDDR5 memory by ASUS doesn’t surprise us.

This card maintains the design of the 2 GB version, with two fans and the typical design of the Strix family and the owl shape. The speed of the GPU and its 640 CUDA Cores is of 1.124 MHz and reaches 1.202 MHz with Boost, the same as the previous model. Meanwhile, the 4 GB of memory reach 5.400 MHz.

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