ASROCK allows over clocking through a multiplier in his B85 and H87 motherboards.

Although the Z87 interface is designed for over clock, ASROCK has featured the “Non-Z OC!” technology in all the boards with chipsets that do not normally support this.

Intel has given the Z chipsets to the boards for over clocking enthusiasts, allowing the possibility of over clock in the K series processors, which now feature an unlocked multiplier, keeping series B and H for conventional processors, where over clocking is not a priority. Until now, in the boards with chipsets B and H, even with an unlocked multiplier, it was impossible to modify the value of the multiplier.

ASROCK has directly challenged Intel including the NON-Z OC! Technology, which allows modifying the multiplier of K series processors with Intel mother boards with chipsets H87 and B85. The company has stated this technology will be included in all boards with these chipsets, and not only in specific models. They also announced this feature is dependent from the chipset’s firmware, so it is not guaranteed the system will keep working if Intel releases updates to block it.



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