Apple MacBook Pro Retina 13 inches mid 2014

By the end of July 2014, Apple carry out an update of Its portable MacBook Pro with retina screen, an update that focused on include faster processors, doubling the memory in the two configurations of range input (without a doubt, something that thanks a lot) and offer a slightly better price for the highest 15 inch model of the family.

After this update, anyone that is going to buy an Apple laptop, only will have to opt for the MacBook Air line, which indeed is crying for an upgrade, or for a MacBook Pro with a 13-inch model and "normal" screen, three equipment of 13 inch with Retina screen and two of 15-inches also with Retina screen.

In total, clasping both MacBook Air and MacBook Pro in its different versions, Apple simplifies its offer with ten laptops, a great idea that makes it much easier to make the right decision.

And why I give so much importance to this "less is more" Apple’s offering?, because the protagonist equipment of this analysis is the one that I just bought a few days ago, replacing my beloved 13-inches MacBook Pro that already had almost five years and a little over a month gave me a problem with the graphics card.

From left to right: MagSafe 2 connector, two Thunderbolt 2 ports (up to 20 Gb/s), USB 3 port (up to 5 Gb/s), double headphone jack and microphone.

From left to right: SDXC card slot, HDMI port and USB 3 port. I missed the Ethernet port, you know you must purchase a separate Thunderbolt adapter to Gigabit Ethernet.

Made to last

Have been working almost 5 years with a laptop without the need to renew it, I believe that says a lot about Apple hardware. I just did it a little "adjustment" of around 140 euros, which was to include an SSD unit making a good use of the space on its hard disk and transferring the traditional hard disk to de DVD´s space (which actually I didn´t use often)

I recommend to anyone who wants to give a "second youth" to their laptop (if you go with Windows, OS X or Linux) with traditional hard disk that change it for an SSD. Neither more memory, a higher processor will make us notice an important improvement as a good SSD unit.

The successive updates of OS X made the rest, allowing me to "brand" a laptop every time that Apple released a major review. In fact, although it was one of my main concerns, neither had serious problems with the battery. Obviously its autonomy was decreasing over the months, but after almost five years, I had more than two hours of work guaranteed, proving again the quality of the components used by Apple, in this case the battery.

Why a MacBook Pro?

With this background, I realized that my new laptop would be a MacBook, but I admit that I hesitated between the Air and the Pro. The fact that it is already rumored that Apple will update its Air (I don´t like to buy something it is going to be exceeded immediately) and the advantage of the Retina screen of the MacBook Pro was enough in order to have my decision clear: a MacBook Pro Retina. And why 13 inches, because that is the size that I like more.

I greatly appreciate a portable with a moderated weight and size, since escort me every day on my journey by public transport to the offices of TPnet. Fortunately, without being an Air, my new 13-inches MacBook Pro Retina is an example of portability: 1.8 cm high; 31.4 cm wide; 21.9 cm deep, and 1.57 kilos weight.

There is another detail of Apple laptops that years ago it seems differentiator to me against competition; I mean the charger, which takes up a half of a pack of snuff. I’m used to seeing many laptops with Windows that I like for its meticulous design, but when I pull the box charger, the spell breaks.

Apple portable charger is by its small size, one of the distinctive points against the competition.

For my own experience

The technical details of the equipment are clear both in our data sheet and in the specification page of Apple, for what I don´t see any need to extend on them. As I said, the laptop on which I have spent 1499 dollars (I opted for the 256 GB SSD, I would have liked the one of 512 Gbytes, but the price, 1799 dollars, it was gone of budget) and I have made it because I think it is obviously recommended.

Without going into specifications, I want to comment my impressions after a few days with my new 13.3-inches MacBook Pro Retina. At first, its retro-illuminated LED Retina screen with IPS technology and 2500 x 1600 resolution points to 227 pixels per inch is, without doubt, the biggest difference I notice compared to my old MacBook Pro.

I have commented that I have "retired" my old computer by a problem on the graphics card, but is not useless, I’ve destined for other tasks. The point is that I keep seeing its screen and when I get back to my new MacBook Pro, I reaffirm the decision to have chosen a model with Retina screen.

Another new feature that I like is that Apple has increased the internal memory DDR3L to 1600MHz from 4 to 8 Gbytes, existing the option of 16 GB, but the truth is that I don´t see it necessary. I also enjoy the speed provided by its 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5 processor at the time of moving applications; the SSD unit mix, 8 GB of RAM and Core i5 take notice in typical applications which I daily operate: Word, Excel, Photoshop, etc.

Regarding the battery, it seems impossible to be nine hours of wireless web browsing as Apple says in its specifications. My way of working (which is like as many people) places this autonomy in a horizon of about five hours, without reaching the six hours, but very close. For me it is more than enough for a day’s work, because six hours without stopping at the computer is not as simple to achieve.

Regarding its storage, I already have told you that I opted for the model with SSD of 256 GB. Here I have been forced to change some acquired habits, since my previous computer had a hard disk of 340 GB along with a SSD of 128 GB, which added had a total of 468 Gbytes, i.e., I have lost 212 Gbytes.

Although I have almost everything in the cloud, I do work differently with my image file (iPhoto Library), which exceeds 160 Gbytes and with that size no longer fits in my new MacBook Pro Retina. It would have solved with a SSD of double capacity, but I insist that pay 300 dollars seems exaggerated to me.

Finally, remember that soon (Apple talks about this fall, but has not specified the day) I can download and install the free version of OS X that is known as Yosemite. I think it will be the perfect complement to my new MacBook Pro Retina and that will allow me to "brand" the computer again.

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