Antec P100 Review

Antec has something for everyone when it comes to cases, from breathtaking gaming-oriented models, to compact solutions like the excellent ISK 600. Today we’ll take a look at the Antec P100, oriented for users who want the quietest possible computer.

The new Antec P100 is an ATX-format case, carefully designed with modern aesthetics. It is made primarily of high quality steel, a material known for its anti-vibration capabilities.

Antec P100

The P100 is a multipurpose case with a lot of upgrading options thanks to its considerable size. It has two 5.25-inch slots, seven 3.25-inch slots (compatible with 2.5-inch drives), four USB ports, four audio ports, and two 120mm fan connectors (though you can add two more).

Antec P100

The manufacturer has made every effort to minimize the inevitable noise that PC components generate. The interior panels are coated with an insulating material, not to mention the anti-vibration design makes it even better.

The case is packed with interesting details, such as removable dust filters, a central hole to install or replace fans without removing the motherboard, or holes designed to make installing new components much easier. The removable rack system is also outstanding.

Antec P100


Antec lives up to its reputation with an impeccable product full of nice surprises. It is also very affordable, considering the quality of its materials and its design. It costs approximately 90 dollars. (thought it may be possible to find it for a little less in some online retailers).

It’s definitely above average when compared to most cases on the market. It also has an excellent insulation system.

On the downside, you will need traditional screws to mount the hard drives, which makes installation it a little more cumbersome. In any case, this is just a small detail. If you’re looking for an affordable, well-designed and quiet case, this is definitely the one for you.

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