Antec HCP Platinum, new highly efficient PSUs

Antec has prepared two new power supplies to show at the CeBIT in Hanover this year, the Antec HCP Platinum Series, which stands for HCP Hight Current Pro. The most important feature of these compounds is their high efficiency, achieving one of the highest 80 PLUS ratings, the 80 PLUS Platinum.

This certification ensures a conversion efficiency of alternating current (230V) to DC of up to 94 % with half the capacity of the power and 91% efficiency at full capacity.

Antec HCP Platinum

Two models will initially be released for this HCP Platinum series, a 850-W model and a 1300-W one, and we can see both at the CeBit. Its 20+8-pin connector replaces the current 24-pin one, and there are also configurable 16-pin connectors to 10, 12 and 14 pins.

We’ll have to wait until March for the CeBIT 2014, to be held in Hannover, to know more details about these new devices.

Antec HCP Platinum

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