AMD reveals its new APU A10-7800 WITH FM2+ socket.

AMD has revealed its new A series APU (Accelerated Processing Unit), the A10-7800, midrange and thought to compete in performance against the 4th generation Intel Core i3. Based on the Kaveri family and manufactured in 28 nanometers, this A10-7800 is designed for the AMD FM2 socket. Unlike the current top range APU of this series, the A10-7850K doesn’t have its multiplier unlocked, so it is not thought to have overlock done on it, but in exchange, its TDP is of only 65W instead of 95W.

AMD APU A10-7800

This new APU from AMD has four x86-64 cores based on the Steamroller micro architecture and four process strands that operate at a base speed of 3.5 Ghz and 3.9 Ghz in Turbo mode, distributed in two modules. It has a L2 cache memory of 4 MB (2X2MB) and a AMD Radeon R7 Series graphic card which is based on the famous Graphics Core Next architecture, which has 512 Stream Processor and supports the new graphic API Mantle, as well as the DirectX 11.2. On the other hand, this A10-7800 has a DDR3-1866 Mhz two channel memory controller which has a PCI-Express 3.0 root complex.

The Price of this new APU will be around 140-150 USD and like we said at the beginning, it is thought to be midrange and to compete against the 4th generation Intel Core i3, so with its price range, it is a priori well positioned against the competition, but as we always say, we have to wait until AMD launches it definitely and we can see the first analysis to really talk of performance terms.

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