AMD Radeon RG2133, new DDR3 2133 MHz Memory

The company launches these memories with AMD Radeon RAMDisk software with virtual disk capacity for RAM up to 64 GB.

AMD Radeon RG2133

Under the Unified Gaming Strategy, or unified strategy game, AMD wants to offer a range of products focused on gaming PCs under the RADEON name, already well known for its graphics cards. On this occasion, they have presented a DDR3 memory kit consisting of 4 4GB modules running at a speed of 2133 MHz and with 10-11-11-30 latencies under a voltage of 1.65V. Each module is fully coated with an aluminum heatsink to improve temperatures and increase overclocking capabilities.

The Radeon RG2133 features configuration profile support for Intel XMP profiles AMD AMP and can be used on any platform without any problems or complications, although, naturally, plates have been tested with AMD processors and chipsets.

Along with the memory, it includes a version of the AMD Radeon licensed RAMDisk 64GB discs, a program that allows you to create virtual drives based on RAM, capable of delivering speeds of data access light years ahead of what even an SSD can offer.

The 16GB (4x4GB) modules pack are already available in the U.S. for a price of about $ 150 with lifetime warranty, we have to wait a few weeks to see them here.

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