AMD Radeon R7 265 Review


One of the best graphics cards I have used is the Radeon 7850. Good performance, fast and affordable. It also had great Crossfire capabilities. If your goal was to play at 1080p, there was no better device. But time passes and giving a second life to this chip will not be easy task unless, as in this case, prices are reduced and therefore this chip becomes cheaper and more accessible to users looking for a simple low-end graphics card.

AMD Radeon R7 265

Technical performance.

The Radeon R7 265 is an optimized variant of the Radeon 7850. With the GCN architecture as basis, it offers 2GB of GDDR5 RAM, high speed memory and 1024 shader engines in 16 processing units, with 64 texturing units and 32 ROP units. Its memory bus is 256-Bit generating over 150GB/s of bandwidth.

The differences between the R7 265 and the 7850 are the higher frequencies of the first one. Specifically for the main GPU, it offers 925MHz, compared to 860MHz of the Radeon 7850, and the memory has also been increased significantly with its performance going from 4.8 Gpbs to 5.6 Gbps. This gives the Radeon R7 265 10-15% more power than the model it is based on.

It will by available by the end of February, and we will also be able to get custom models. The reference model might actually not make it to the market because all manufacturers have already dissipation solutions and custom PCB that will allow them to differentiate them from the competitors. We know that the major manufacturers in the industry are ready to present their devices soon, such as Sapphire, ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, XFX, HIS and more.

AMD Radeon R7 265 Specs

Other benefits

This chart does not belong to the new generation models, so it doesn’t take in account some features of models like the Radeon R7 260 or R9 290. Specifically, we’re talking about the lack of support for TrueAudio, the only difference between this and newer models, and also other improvements such as the DirectX 11.2 support, Mantle support, or the latest improvements in terms to software supported by all models within the GCN architecture.

AMD Radeon R7 265

Among other benefits we have classic Eyefinity support (4k support too), Crossfire with up to two cards and more. Great benefits for those looking for something more, for just 120 Euros.

Undoubtedly the most interesting features are the ones supported by the API Mantle, which is a significant improvement of over 10% in performance in a demanding game like Battlefield 4.

Support for the latest DirectX 11.2 technologies also guarantees the most modern and advanced graphics in PC gaming. This graphics card has a lot to offer, even more considering the price at which we can find it today.

Performance. I

BattleField 3. 1920×1080. Medium Quality

AMD Radeon R7 265 performance

Diablo 3. 1920×1080. High quality

AMD Radeon R7 265 performance

Crysis 3. 1920×1080. Highest Quality. 2x FSAA

AMD Radeon R7 265 performance

Performance. II

3DMark Fire Strike

AMD Radeon R7 265 performance

Bioshock infinite. 1920×1080. ultra quality

AMD Radeon R7 265 performance

Metro Last Light. 1920×1080. Highest Quality. FSAA. Tesselation

AMD Radeon R7 265 performance

BattleField 4. 1920×1080. Medium Quality

AMD Radeon R7 265 performance

Analysis and Conclusion

The results are just what we expected. The new features and innovations have taken a already excellent card to a whole new level.

To accurately test its performance, however, you have to consider the exact model. We tested a XFX dual fan and the results in regards to noise and performance are more than great. The downside is that this chip has 150w consumption and new generations of chips will offer more efficient solutions.

The recommended price of this new model is about 120 Dollars. It is difficult to find actual comparisons with the Radeon 7850 since it was discontinued quite some time ago, but it could be found for 150 dollars not too long ago. This means we have a 10-15% improvement in performance and price.

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