AMD lowers the price of the R9 290x and the R9 290

The arrival of the new NVIDIA graphics and the lack of response from AMD in the form of another model have forced the latter to lower the prices of two of its most powerful GPUs. The GTX 980, but especially the GTX 970 comes with a great value in terms of where performance/price is concerned, leaving the R9 290 and R9 290x in a precarious situation, they are direct competitors of these cards.

While AMD does not respond with a new generation of graphics cards, they have decided to lower the price of R9 290 and R9 290x up to 289 and 359 dollars respectively, improving their relationship price/performance.

We will have to wait and see what happens when NVIDIA completes all of its more modest 900 series models, but there is no doubt that this price cut is good news for consumers, who see that the competition begins to mean lower prices.

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