AMD likely to change the name of their graphics cards with the release of their new models

It’s not the first time such a rumor is heard, and now it’s back. The change the rumors talk about now, however, is slightly similar.

According to the rumor, AMD surveyed the users a few months ago asking for suggestions the new name of their GPUs. Radeon Rx 200 was one of the names suggested in the survey and supposedly the winner of the poll of the Sunnyvale Company.

Nothing really new up until here, but what’s actually new is that, supposedly, the new name will also mean a new series. Although it’s not confirmed yet, “Rx” would indicate the category of the GPU: highest-end, for over clocker and enthusiasts, high, medium, low or basic.

The numbers, from left to right, indicate generation and model. It may seem confuse at first, but the next graph will help you understand it a bit better. We took the successors of the HD 7990 and the HD 7970 as examples.

According to this new naming method, the successor of the former would be called AMD Radeon R9 290, while the successor of the HD 7970 would be the AMD Radeon R9 285. The same applies for simpler models: The HD 7870’s successor would be known as AMD Radeon R8 275.

Naturally, this applies for the GPUs designed for laptops, which will be names “Rx M200”.

Please note that none of this has been officially confirmed.

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