AMD Faraway Islands, GPU 20 nm

AMD Faraway Islands will be the new GPU generation of the brand, with a jump – finally – to technological manufacturing processes of 20nm, which will result in a smaller size and a smaller consumption of the chip, maintaining and/or increasing power level.

AMD Faraway Islands

Both AMD and NVIDIA are still marketing “rehash”. With an overrun performance for the actual market, the necessity of lessening consumption, noise and temperature of the graphic cards is evident, and with these 20nm developments it will be possible once both of the world’s largest “foundries” (TSMC and GLOBALFOUNDIRES) have taken the jump to these new technological processes.

According to SemiAccurate “Faraway Islands” will be AMD’s 20nm chips, and will be used in all of the company’s products, from the new dedicated graphics R400, the accelerated processing APU units that the company will launch, mobile SoC and even in some versions of their Coc Opteron A for servers.

There aren’t any more known details of this platform except that they will support the new multemedia API DirectX 12 that will be released on Windows 9. It is expected that its performance per watt will be substantially superior to those of the older generations and that AMD will commission its production to both TSMC and Globalfoundries so as not to suffer supply shortages. They will arrive in 2015.

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