AMD broadens its CPU catalogue with the new Athlon 860K and FX-8300 for end users.

After launching three new APUs for the FM2+ socket, AMD continues to broaden its processors offer for their two main platforms. Keeping the same FM2+ socket, the company has announced the Athlon IIX4 860K, a chip based on the Kaveri platform, but that has the integrated GPU deactivated. Basically, we are before a conventional processor with 4 Steamroller cores at 28nm.

Its operating speed is of 3.7 GHz and has 2 MB of shared cache L2. As a point worth highlighting, these Athlon 860K offer an unblocked multiplier for easy overlocking.

AMD FX-8300

On the other hand we have the FX-8399, which is basically the same FX-8300 that we saw at the end of 2012, available for the OEM market and that now every consumer can acquire. Let’s not forget that it is an 8 AMD core processor for the AM3+ socket with a 3.2 GHz speed (3.5 GHz in turbo mode) and a Piledriver architecture. Its TDP reaches the 95W, while the cache L2 memory is of 2MB for each couple of cores.

For the moment there are no details on the price but both models should be placed on an affordable enough range inside the processors family of the company.

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