AMD A8-7600 and R7 240 in CrossFire mode to the test

AMD’s APU A8-7600 is situated in barely in the medium to high range of the company’s catalog, especially thanks to its 4 core CPU based in the Steamroller architecture.

Its CPU level operating frequency is of 3.1Ghz-3.8Ghz normal and turbo mode, and it has an integrated GPU that adds up to a total of 384 flux processors at 720 MHz.

AMD A8-7600 performance

These specifications render it as a component that wouldn’t be able to supply an acceptable performance for games on its own if we up the resolution to 1080p at medium quality. But what happens if we activate the Crossfire mode with a low range graphic card like the R7 240? Well, we were pleasantly surprised.

AMD A8-7600 performance

AMD A8-7600 performance

As we can see in the graphs shown in this article, the performance greatly improves, so much that all games except for Crysis 3 are completely playable at 1080p with medium quality.

AMD A8-7600 performance

There is no doubt, the escalation offered by this Crossfire configuration is very good, since, for example, in Battlefield 4, Tomb Raider and BioShock Infinite it can double its performance, which turns it into an option to take into account for everyone who wants to set a basic equipment on which to upgrade later on.

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  1. You did not test for frame time variance, and minimum frame rate, dual graphics are only good for benchmarks but due to stutter and frame drops il get a more expensive dedicated gpu and turn off the igp

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