Alienware M17x, M18x and M14x refresh. New design and Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M

In recent days, rumors have multiplied on the new Nvidia GeForce GTX 760M and 780M graphics cards, which will be integrated into mainstream laptops, gaming laptops and workstations 17-inch (and higher). Although not yet officially submitted, the top of the range Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M GPU (N14E-GTX-A2 GPU with 4GB of memory and without cooling system) is for sale on eBay for $ 1,500, but the seller points out that it is a “Manufacturer refurbished” in warranty only Alienware M17X R4 and M18X R2.

Alienware M17x

Currently these two do not require the integration of a similar GPU in their configurations, but it is conceivable that the graphics card is derived from a model not yet on the market, but in development / production. How is it possible that this is a refurbished GPU (revised and made new) if the notebook is not on the market yet? The image and the information of the seller are then “taken with the tongs from” unconfirmed and especially unclear. Assuming, however, that this GPU comes from a new Alienware notebook, the possible names of the future could be gamestation Alienware M17x Alienware M18x R3 and R5, while the GeForce GTX 760M could be integrated into the new Alienware M14x R3.

Last month there was some speculation on these gaming notebook and in particular of pictures “stolen” that show a different and new design. Always characterized by an aggressive style, made of angular lines, LED colored and dark materials, the new Alienware M17x and M14x R3 R5 retain their “alien” identity, improving some aesthetic solutions and the arrangement of the interfaces. Starting from the cover, we see that the Alienware M17x R5 will have a matte black lid embellished with the Alienware logo and “V” of the previous generation.

Photos of the notebook open, however, are related to the smallest Alienware M14x R3. with this “update”, Dell has decided to change the keyboard and touchpad both in form and in size, but the real news is in the air grill, no longer divided on the two sides of the notebook, but one big grid that occupies the top of the bottom. Evidently, such a cooling system has been designed for the new hardware equipment: more powerful but also with higher thermal levels.

The new Alienware M17x gaming notebook R5, M18x R3 and M14x R3 will be presented at E3 2013 on June 10, probably with other “interesting news” from Dell at home. The press conference will be held simultaneously with that of Microsoft and Sony, so a new console may also be coming.

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