Alienware Area-51: Triangular PC based on Haswell-E

Straight from Area 51 we have OGNI (Object Gamer Not Identified –lol-) which responds to the name Alienware Area-51, a computer equipped with a triangular frame that can accommodate in its a very high performance hardware without any space or cooling issues, as it is fully compatible water cooling systems.

Alienware Area-51

We only know the essentials about this new computer, you will be able to choose between an Intel Core i7 Extreme with either 6 or 8 cores under Haswell-E architecture that we can accompany with up to 32 GB of memory DDR4-2133 MHz in a quad channel configuration, up to three top model graphics cards that permit you to play under a 4K resolution, a power supply of up to 1,500w of power to give life and the addition of several units of SSDs for high speed and Wi-Fi 802.11ac wireless connectivity. Neither the price nor the launch date is known.

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