Acer Monitor UT220HQL, analysis

The Acer UT220HQL is an interesting 21.5-inch Full HD touch monitor with which we can express the full potential of Windows 8.

In addition to incorporating a 10 point touch technology, has a handy tilt and sliding support that allows us to use Windows with our hands without giving up a comfortable position for use, slope of between 0 and 80 degrees.

Acer Monitor UT220HQL

The Acer UT220HQL has a VA panel type and 1,920 x 1,080 pixel resolution, has given great results in our laboratory, with great color accuracy and viewing angles of 178 degrees both horizontally and vertically.

Precise Control

The accuracy when handled with the fingers is quite high, without failure or frustrating experiences, and about connections it can only miss a DisplayPort or DVI port, it already incorporates VGA, HDMI outlets and a MHL USB 2.0 port to use tactile functions with a computer.

Acer Monitor UT220HQL

Acer UT220HQL, conclusions

The price of 280 euro notes the presence of touch, because without it would certainly be a more affordable monitor based on the rest of its features: 100.000.000:1 dynamic contrast, 250 cd/m2 brightness and a response time of 8 milliseconds, enough for home users but something just for imaging professionals.

However, where ‘but’ wouldn’t fit is at the care and eye-catching design, very stylish and sturdy thanks to the glass. So, those looking for a demure size monitor with touch functions available look no further as the Acer UT220HQL is an option to consider, but whoever requires higher brightness levels or higher screen diagonals will find more interesting options within that price range.

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