Acer adds two new AIO to its catalogue

Acer has presented two new Ai0, which join its catalogue for the kind of product the company has been betting on lately. Both models have similar features and they differ from each other almost exclusively in their design. This couple of new models comprises the Acer Aspire U5-620 and the Acer Aspire Z3-615.

Acer AIO

The first of the two models comes with a Skype certification, which indicates that it is recommended for conferences through this software because of its incorporated frontal microphone and because it includes the Acer Purified Voice technology.

Regarding the rest of its features, the Acer Aspire U5-620 has a 23 inch IPS FullHD screen and it is known that it has a Haswell processor and NVIDIA GeForce graphics, but it hasn’t been clarified yet what the models of these are. A hybrid HDD + SSD drive with a storage unit of up to 1TB and WiFi 802.11ac complete the characteristics of the Acer Aspire U5-620.

The second model is the Acer Aspire Z3-615, with almost identical features (no Skype certification) but different design.

As to the price and availability, both AIO will be available for sale in July for 899 and 699 dollars respectively.

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