A review of the new Assassin’s Creed Rogue (no spoilers)

The next installment in the eternal Assassin’s Creed saga begins in the Seven Years War in the Colonial America of the Eighteenth century. Starring Shay Patrick Cormac, you will accompany him in his adventure by land and sea, in which blood and betrayal have a big role. We don’t want to spoil the mysteries and the overall plot, so it is better than you play it, but before we will analyze this title for PCs from Ubisoft.

In Assassin’s Creed Rogue you will only find a story mode in which you can only use it in single player mode. The Multiplayer mode disappears in Rogue, but don’t worry, there are plenty of things to do; it’s an interesting game despite being a very over advertised title.

Assassin's Creed Rogue

The story involves obtaining memories through the Animous (there are also playable times in which you can get information about other AC) of a young murderer, Shay Patrick Cormac. You will help him, as the plot advances in naval battles, against face-to-face with enemies and, of course, his furtive murders. Rogue begins in a quite hectic way but for this we will post a series of tutorials to get control of it (it comes in handy when you have some time without playing AC).

When it comes to gameplay, AC Rogue offers the typical but it gives us a little more. We get the movements and action we’ve had in other deliveries with a new story that, though it meets expectations, it falls flat at some points.

In the naval battles you will be able to receive and make landings. You can also play with the icebergs that are in the map, destroying them and sink other ships pursuing you.

Beware when your character falls into icy water as he freezes to death! You will also have to be careful with other murderers that will want your head, but we don’t want to spoil more the plot of the game.

As for the graphics we believe they’re in line with the saga. Despite Unity’s success, Rogue is fairly well adapted and it doesn’t have showy defects that we’ve seen (maybe a lip sync error somewhere). Don’t forget that this game came out only for PS3 and Xbox 360, so we can’t expect a splendid graphic quality.

Assassin's Creed Rogue

As is usual in this saga, the soundtrack is the best we found. It remains the strong point throughout the mega-advertising campaigns of Assassin’s Creed and though it is repeated at some points, it’s still sublime. The sound effects are generally quite consistent with what we found: shots, swords clashing, sailing boats, waves…

What new stuff can we expect from this new Assasin?

Very few, actually. Just a new story and some more features when manufacturing objects, let’s remember that you can hunt or fish to get some materials and to manufacture objects that are going to benefit you). Perhaps some may think that this version lost much by not having a multiplayer mode, though we think that with these games the story is the most interesting part.

So far, AC Rogue seems like a game that follows the saga’s usual line. As such, these games tend to be well-liked and it’s no wonder why. For us, the soundtrack is the one that takes the cake.

But we don’t want to finish without mentioning something that surely has gone through everyone’s minds. Ubisoft has saturated players with the AC series. We agree that it’s fine as their market strategy, and in fact their games have innovated a lot, but the abuse of getting out a new title each year takes its toll and it’s not easy to appreciate novelty anymore.

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