Review: OCZ Trion 100 240GB

Like it or not, the price war in the SSD world involves the incorporation of NAND memory systems that make better use of space, manufacturing costs, etc. This means adding more layers of memory. TLC memories have driven down the prices in the world of SSD. If you can find 240GB drives for fewer than 100 Euros it is largely thanks to these memories that, like everything else, have evolved surprisingly for the best.

Technical performance of the OCZ Trion 100

This new OCZ series will be introduced in its lowest range. With lower prices. It changes quite a bit in relation to other models of the brand. Toshiba puts its new TLC A19 of 19nm memories as the driver, and OCZ puts its expertise in product positioning and engineering.

OCZ Trion 100 240GB

The Trion 100 is still a SATA model and therefore it is limited by its own interface rather than its own technical performance. It’s not an OCZ advanced model and its objectives are clear. It gives an economic option for all of us who see in an SSD a way to give new life to our computers, either portable or desktop. A SSD drive is largely responsible for having extended the lifespan of many laptop and desktop computers.

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