Intel HD Graphics 5500 benchmark: What games can it run?

Is the performance of the Low-end discrete graphics cards much better than that of Core Graphics? What games can we play with Core Graphics? These problems have been there since Intel proposed the concept of ultrabooks and the thin and light laptops became more and more popular in the market, the rapid iteration of Intel Core Graphics brought good answers to these questions, along with the release of the fifth generation Broadwell processor, more powerful Core Graphics appeared, what games can we play with it? Today’s game tests will bring actual answers.

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 (2015)

The testing machine comes from Dell Inspiron 15 7000 (2015), which uses latest i7-5500U processor, 8GB Ram, 1 TB Mechanical hard drive, 1366 × 768 of screen resolution and whose graphics card is the combination of Intel HD 5500 Core Graphics and AMD R7 M270, during the test process, we will uninstall the drive of the discrete graphics and forbid it to be operated through Device Manager so as not to affect the test results.

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